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    4/20With 4/20 snuffed in Boulder, some CU-Boulder students join thousands at Denver rally

    Participants lament CU campus closure but appreciate Denver party
    With no place to celebrate 4/20 in Boulder, some CU-Boulder students and former Boulder 4/20 participants flocked to Denver's Civic Center Park, where a crowd of several thousand turned out for concerts, speakers and the collective 4:20 p.m. light-up on Saturday. Full Story
    (Damian Dovarganes)
    Taxman give bonuses to 1,100 employees who owe back taxes

    A government investigator says the Internal Revenue Service paid $1 million in bonuses to employees who owed back taxes. Full Story
    (Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
    Interactive graphic: Breaking down Albert Pujols' 500 HRs

    Here's a look at Albert Pujols' 500 career homers by year, the pitchers he hit them off of, and the parks where he hit them. Full Story
    (Jeffery R. Staab)
    Stephen Colbert visits David Letterman on the 'Late Show'

    Stephen Colbert, who will take over for a retiring David Letterman on CBS' "Late Show" next year, revealed Tuesday that he almost worked for Letterman twice. Full Story