The Armory, 1511 University, on CU’s Boulder campus is pictured in 1999.
The Armory, 1511 University, on CU's Boulder campus is pictured in 1999. (Denver Post file photo)

Playboy magazine today crowned the University of Colorado the nation's No. 1 party school, citing the Boulder campus' annual 4/20 smokeout, as well as the city's numerous medical-marijuana dispensaries and its status as "a beer drinker's paradise."

According to Playboy's website , CU received the party school crown because:

"CU-Boulder is home to reefer madness. Not only does Boulder have 50 medical-marijuana dispensaries within its city limits, but every April nearly half the university's 24,000-plus undergrads turn out for the annual 4/20 smoke-out on school grounds. Boulder is also a beer drinker's paradise, with four breweries in town. 'There are a lot of distractions from school-snowboarding, mountain biking, super hot girls,' says one alum. Literally dozens of world-class ski resorts are a drive away. You know Boulder is a party school because whenever you tell someone that you went there, the first thing they ask is, 'Did you graduate?'"

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