Leading up to Wednesday's unsanctioned pot smoke-out at the University of Colorado, campus leaders sent a letter to students asking them not to attend because, they said, the event is costly to manage and denigrates the value of CU degrees.

The e-mail sent to students on Monday also says the smoke-out disrupts classes and contributes to CU's party school image.

Last week, Playboy named CU the No. 1 party school in the nation, partly because of the annual smoke-out, which last year drew about 10,000 marijuuana enthusiasts.

CU officials estimate that only about 20 percent to 25 percent of the participants are actual students.

"It attracts many visitors to the campus to participate who have nothing to do with the university and frequently don't have its best interests at heart," write Julie Wong, vice chancellor for student affairs, and Frank Bruno, vice chancellor for administration.

The e-mail also says that the pot smoke-out, which some say is a protest of marijuana laws, is not an effective act of disobedience and is instead just a party.

"Given these impacts on our university and campus, we ask you not to attend," the e-mail says.

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