Thanksgiving Break is almost too much of a tease. Although in retrospect the past week feels like a much longer time than it was, the crushing feeling of walking to school on the first cold Monday in weeks is too disheartening to handle. There's no real reason to complain though -- I got to see four awesome shows last week (Titus Andronicus & Ceremony, Dethklok, Earth and Death Grips), and with the weather finally seeming to cool down there's plenty of time to chill out with some good music before the onslaught of finals decimates our lives. Until then, here's what we're playing at 1190.

Indian Handcrafts release Civil Disobedience for Losers features a broken-down RV with airplane wings crashed on some distant planet on the cover, and the "Heavy Metal" -esqe image fits the riffing debauchery of the album perfectly. Mixing the best bits of cock-rock with the tongue-in-cheek technicality the Sargent House label has built its name on, tracks like "Starcraft" feel like a rush through '80s rock archetypes with enough twists and turns to still feel subversive.

For those like myself who find the warmest solace in the golden sounds of a finger-picked guitar, the Tompkins Square label has just released their Imaginational Anthem Vol. 5. Filled to the brim with primitive guitar pieces such as Will Stratton's "Hemet Pine Singer" and fascinating folk distortions like Bill Orcutt's "John Fahey Commemorative Beer Can," this collection contains plenty for any folk head to swoon over.


Lastly, a remaster of Massive Attack's classic debut Blue Lines has just been released, giving the classic trip-hop standard a fresh coating of fidelity. Tracks like "Safe From Harm" that helped to set the standard for Bristol's soul-meets-psych sound absolutely spectacular with the bass even punchier than before and bring a very welcome new life to an album whose influence is incalculable.

* Default (Single), Atoms for Peace.

* Skylight, Kid Smpl.

* Para Vista Social Club, Scott and Charlene's Wedding.

* New Relics, Errors.

* More for the Masses, Peoples Temple.

-- Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190