The Colorado Daily is a privately owned newspaper serving the University of Colorado and Boulder communities since 1892. The paper began as the Silver & Gold and was the student newspaper of the University of Colorado from 1892-1971, the last 15 years of that time as the Colorado Daily. The paper then moved off campus at CU s behests, became an independent Daily and a pioneer in the advertising supported free daily paper movement that today is seen all over the nation. The Colorado Daily was among the first, if not the first, newspapers to publish under this model.

Today, the paper is owned and published by Prairie Mountain Publishing Company LLC. It is an independent paper in spirit and editorial philosophy (neither right nor left get a free pass) with a core readership of 18-to-35-year-olds (though it is certainly not limited to that age group).

We are located in Boulder, Colo., a city of approximately 100,000 people 25 miles northwest of Denver that houses the University of Colorado at Boulder, a significant federal laboratory infrastructure and one of the most interesting, independent-minded communities anywhere in the nation.

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