The Z-SAT Zombie Survival Aptitude Test is $12.95 from (Provided by Think Geek/MCT)
The Z-SAT Zombie Survival Aptitude Test is $12.95 from (Provided by Think Geek/MCT) (HANDOUT)

Z ombies have been all over the news lately. Well, zombie-like people allegedly under the influence of the street drug bath salts at least. These stories about face chewers, intestine throwers and cannibals clearly have Think Geek ( on edge.

They want to make sure that everyone is prepared as possible for a zombie apocalypse. This is where the Z-SAT Zombie Survival Aptitude Test might come in handy. With over 300 questions pertaining to life in Zombieland, you'll quickly realize whether you're fit for survival or zombie bait.

You'll be faced with some of the most important questions you need to know the answer to in order to survive a "walking dead" scenario. Do you know the maximum distance that fragmentation grenades can cause injury? Or if a zombie's flesh is safe to eat if cooked properly? Knowing the right answer here can either save your life or get your brain eaten.

Think Geek wants you to treat this test like the SAT, except you actually have to take this one seriously. Be honest and number No. two 2 pencils only. Cheating on the SAT is stupid but won't kill you. Cheating on the Z-SAT means you're not thinking critically about what a zombie's weakest spot is. That kind of laziness shows that you'll probably be one of the first to go.


You can buy the Z-SAT for $12.95. Not much in exchange for saving your life.