alexandra sieh

T here's this bar in Longmont that's gotten on my bad side.

And before I hear the "Why the $&%* are you bar-hopping in Longmont?" I'll say this: A true bar girl can manage a great night anywhere. Just takes an open mind and a wee bit of pre-gaming.

Moving on.

So this shall-remain-nameless bar was one we happened upon while walking not at all tipsily (a real word, believe it or not) to one we hit when we're rocking the L-town scene.

Little did we know we were of a certain clientele that would not be served. At all. Not even one little shot.

Disappointing? Yep. A little embarrassing? Sure.

But that hasn't stopped my friends and I from stumbling into other new venues. Rejected from one just means fun times at another.

I only bring this up because, when I came upon this event, I, never having heard of the restaurant before, asked around the office to see what kind of place I was going to be advertising to you folk.

Inconclusive results, but heck, I'll share it anyway.

Mainly because it consists of poles, scantily-clad women and what I imagine is some pretty awesome music.

It's GoGo Night with the Boulder Spirals dancers tonight. A self-described night rife with "gorgeous dancers and sexy bumpin' beats." Quite a first impression of Shine Restaurant.

But hey, my friends and I have been atop a bar or two. At least here you get to dance in the presence of folks who rock more than the "sprinkler" move.


I vote you try something a little out there -- and already more awesome than my previously described "new bar" experience -- and stop by Shine to GoGo get your dance on.

Info: GoGo Night with Boulder Spirals at Shine Restaurant, 2027 13th Street, Friday from 8 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

Live tunes

Let's say skimpy outfits aren't your thing.

Fair enough.

The Walrus has got another healthy dose of live music to jam to tonight. Of course, I guess you're not really avoiding the scantily clad crowd with this move ... Oh well.

James Hambleton and Friends are on stage, along with Julie Gussaroff of The She Said String Band.

A nice way to recover from what I imagine will be a Buff-crazed night of debauchery Thursday.

Info: Live music at the Walrus Saloon, 1911 11th Street, Friday starting at 10:30 p.m.

Bussing to the beer

And a quick throwback, to an event from one of my first columns: Running since April, the Boulder Brew Bus is winding down, making its last circuit Sunday.

Be sure to join Banjo Billy's funky bus for a brewery tour to Avery, Upslope and Asher, beginning and ending with good ol' West End Tavern.

The beer-filled fun starts at 5:30 p.m.

Hop aboard.

Info: Boulder Brew Bus at West End Tavern, 926 Pearl Street, Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

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