christy fantz
Christy Fantz
H alloween haters, you are Day of the Dead lovers, no?

Well damn you. Who doesn't love colorful sugar skulls?

To begin your Halloween Saturday in Denver, hop of at the Navajo Street Art District, 3600 Navajo St., Denver, from 12:30-4 p.m., where the shops will celebrate with a Day of the Dead Artist Trading Card Workshop.

Aside from the district's running shows celebrating Dia de Los Muertos, galleries along the strip will help participants on Saturday to create our own Day of the Dead trading cards.

Trading cards!

Oh man. Well, I was never a baseball card fan, but I have been known to collect weird cards in the past, namely Garbage Pail Kids and "Rocky Horror Picture Show" trading cards. Google Image search Garbage Pail Kids if you haven't had the disgustingly disturbing pleasure of knowing what the hell they are. They're cartoons, but take it easy, faint of heart. Sallys.

So anyway, we can create our own little mini art masterpiece, then trade it with artists or other participants -- or you can leave your work of art with the gallery to use for display during Denver Arts Week (Nov. 2-10) throughout the city.

Info: Saturday 12:30-4 p.m;; free.

Get funky

Funky Buddha Lounge, 776 Lincoln St., Denver, couldn't decide which bandwagon to hop on, so it mixed two of our favorite fetishes: mustaches and zombies.


(Speak for yourself.)

Saturday starting at 7 p.m., world-renown DJ/producer Pete Bones (or the Shaker) will spin his 20-plus years of experience with tunes while hosting the Pete Bones Zombie Mustache Party.

A costume isn't required, but if you don't wear one, you look like a moron. For ye people who hate dressing up, this is the easiest way out. All you need to do is buy a stick-on mustache from a quarter toy machine (bowling alleys, supermarkets, Walmart) and slap it on. You won't look like an idiot. Look around you.

Anyway, there is no cover and ladies drink for only $1 from 9-11 p.m., so get in early.

I've never heard of Pete Bones, but apparently he's a bit of an underground legend, so go dance your bloody zombie, mustached face off.

Info: Saturday at 7 p.m.; 303-832-5075; free

Go medieval

If you haven't read or watched "Game of Thrones," you're missing out. Aside from the gratuitous porn (how is that show not NC-17?), the popular HBO series is a medieval fantasy following members of various noble houses in a civil war.

LoHi SteakBar, 3200 Tejon St., Denver, in the Highlands area, is hosting a "Game of Thrones" Halloween party.

The bar will have contests for the best group representation of a particular noble house: Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens, Dothraki -- you know.

If you aren't a nerd like the lot of us, just dress up in a medieval costume and you'll fit like a glove.

Info: Saturday 8 p.m.-midnight;; 303-927-6334; free