ashley dean
Editor's note

Christy Fantz is out and can't answer your questions this week, so Ashley Dean is dishing out the advice.

D ear Ashley,

My boyfriend and I both went to our (separate) hometowns for the summer and I'm already Facebook stalking him. What if he gets back together with his high school girlfriend or something? Do I need to calm down? How do I stop?

-- Nervous Buff

Nervous Nellie:

I'm trying to sympathize here, I really am, but, yeah. You need to chill out.

I've never attempted to keep up a college relationship while home for the summer, but I also never went home for the summer. But I can see why you'd have some anxiety. I don't see how Facebook stalking is going to help, though. Really, it's probably making everything worse.

Oh em gee who is that girl in a bikini he's with?!

It doesn't matter. It's summer. There will be many girls in bikinis and at various levels of intoxication. They will be there whether or not you are too, so there's no point in stalking them or your BF just to worry about it.

Here's how you stop: Put on your big girl pants -- those skinny jeans that make your ass look great -- get off Facebook and go out. At least if he does get back on the old girl, you weren't sitting online being sad.


Dr. D,

I've been on a couple dates with this guy, and he's fine, but if I'm being honest with myself, I'd have to admit that I would have cut this off by now if he wasn't rich. I'm not trying to land a rich husband or anything. The dates are just really great thanks to his fat wallet. Is that terrible? Do I have to stop?

-- Golddigger


Well, the important question is, how hot is he? And is he Ryan Gosling?

Stupid question. You'd probably actually like Ryan Gosling. He seems cool.

OK, so this is morally sketchy territory. Is there any chance he's just dating you for your looks? Because then you can just go on in questionable bliss together. You're both being used, so own it!

If he's genuinely into you, this sort of makes you a bitch. It can be hard to ween yourself off the sweet teat of wealth. Quitting those five-star meals cold turkey will be an artificially flavored bummer. But do you really want to be the type of girl Kanye writes songs about?

Basically, I'm asking you not to be Kim Kardashian. Pretty simple.