Both the Boulder and Erie police this week issued warnings to parents about child safety after reports of suspicious vehicles approaching children in each city.

Boulder police said parents have reported a white male in a white SUV has approached children and at least one young adult across Boulder, including in the 2200 block of Balsam Avenue, the 400 block of Highland Avenue and the 2000 block of Alpine Avenue.

Both males and females between the ages of 7 and 20 have been approached, and one female said she was offered a ride before running away. Others have reported the driver would approach them but did not speak to them.

One adult who saw the SUV told police it appeared there was another man sleeping inside the vehicle.

No witnesses have been able to provide a detailed description of the SUV or the driver in any of the cases, and descriptions vary.

Police have been told the suspect was between 30 and 60 years old; that he had white hair or salt-and-pepper hair and that he had a full beard or was clean-shaven; that he wore glasses and that he didn't wear glasses.

In Erie, police on Wednesday said they received a report the week of Sept. 23 of a "suspicious person" driving an older model, white, boxy-style car in the area of Fletcher Drive and Weld County Road 1.5 at 3:10 p.m. The same male -- who only was described as being a Hispanic male -- had been seen in the same vehicle near the Erie Middle School bus drop-off site.

There was no indication from either department that the two incidents were connected.

Police said strangers could use several ploys to get children into cars, including asking help finding a lost pet, inviting the child to see a new puppy, offering candy or toys, asking for directions or offering a ride.

Parents should tell their children never to get into cars with strangers and to try to walk with others at all times and stay in well-lit areas, police said. If a person does approach them, they should run, yell and report the incident.

Anyone with concerns is asked to call the Boulder Police Department at 303-441-3333 or, in Erie, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office at 303-441-4444.