In 21 games since Jim Mora took over as UCLA's head coach, the Bruins have blocked 11 kicks, including a punt against Oregon last Saturday.

MacIntyre has been impressed with UCLA's scheme and execution on those plays, but said he isn't too worried about CU punter Darragh O'Neill getting blocked by the Bruins.

"The good thing with our punt, we have the ability to move it if we see something, because our punter is so athletic," MacIntyre said. "We really don't give them the same landmark every time. Hopefully we can keep doing that and I think that helps because people don't rush us quite as much."

MacIntyre also talked about the decision to try a fake punt last Saturday against Arizona. O'Neill tried to run for a first down on fourth-and-5 from the CU 17. Although that option has been open to O'Neill a few times this year, it was the first time he attempted it. He gained 1 yard.

Although the play failed, MacIntyre said he believes that was a good time to try it.

"I've seen a lot of people do it (when) backed up and it works," he said. "That's a good time to do it in my personal opinion. They don't ever expect it."

MacIntyre said Arizona lined up exactly how the Buffs hoped they would, but credited the Wildcats' Trevor Ermisch for making a good play.

"Sometimes here in the future it'll win a football game or two," MacIntyre said of attempting fakes.



CU has been practicing in the bubble this week. MacIntyre said that limits what the Buffs can do in regards to filming practice, because they can't get cameras up as high. But, he said the Buffs still get to see what they need to see. ... UCLA starts three true freshmen on the offensive line, including left guard Scott Quessenberry, whose older brother, David, played for MacIntyre at San Jose State from 2010-12. David is now a rookie with the Houston Texans.

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