Boulder's legislative agenda should include support for a carbon tax, an anti-wage theft law and banking access for marijuana businesses, members of the Boulder City Council said Tuesday night.

The council reviewed the proposed legislative agenda, which guides the city's conversations with state and federal legislators and its lobbying efforts.

The proposed legislative agenda includes: legislation that would allow the city, and not just the state, to get information from criminal background checks for marijuana business owners and investors; legislation that would allow the city to offer high-speed telecommunications service without a vote of the public; more local control to regulate fracking; and state assistance to deal with the emerald ash bore outbreak and flood recovery.

On the federal level, the city wants to be able to collect sales tax on Internet sales and see more funding restored to the federal labs through changes to the sequestration process.

Councilwoman Suzanne Jones said the city should get behind an effort to pass an anti-wage theft law designed to offer more protection against labor abuses, particularly for immigrants.

Councilman Sam Weaver said Boulder should support a motion in support of a federal carbon tax that could come up in the state Legislature and should support any citizen initiatives with the same goal.

Councilwoman Mary Young said Boulder should support access to banking services for the marijuana industry, in which businesses mostly operate on a cash basis due to federal banking rules.


Other council members said they would like to see more information on those issues and would consider them for inclusion in the legislative agenda.