The Boulder City Council gave its approval to a three-year lease with the possibility of another three-year renewal for Mustard's Last Stand, the purveyor of Chicago-style food that has rented space on the first floor of the city's Park Central building since 1983.

Mustard's has typically operated with a 10-year lease, but the city may eventually demolish the building, as well as the neighboring New Britain building, because the buildings may not withstand a 100-year flood. The area is also planned for redevelopment as part of an expanded park area under the city's Civic Area Master Plan.

The City Council authorized City Manager Jane Brautigam to offer Mustard's a three-year lease. The lease could be renewed for another three years, but the city would have the right to terminate the lease with six months' notice in the second three-year period.

City Councilwoman Mary Young asked why the city does not offer a longer lease, given the very long-term nature of the city's plans. She said Mustard's might decide to move earlier to find a more secure location and leave the city with no tenant.

Owner Dan Polovin has said he is evaluating all his options.