Boulder Rocks! is the Colorado Daily's wildly successful five-week treasure hunt in and around Boulder. Daily clues in the print and online editions of the Colorado Daily lead readers on a search to find the Colorado the rock. Over the five-week contest, each weekly winner receives $500.

New clues will be posted below each weekday at 8 a.m.

The clues will be posted daily below.

Boulder Rocks Clues
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Boulder Rocks!Week five Boulder Rocks! winner finds prize early at Dushanbe Teahouse

Everything's coming up roses for this CU professor
Though she doesn't grow them in her own garden, Lori Hunter loves roses. The associate professor of sociology at the University of Colorado and founder of Boulder Walking Tours read the second clue "Gotta stop and smell the roses," and used her knowledge of Boulder history to find the rock in the Dushanbe Teahouse Rose Garden. Full Story
The final Rock has been found!
The final Rock has been found! Thanks for playing, everyone. You rock. And Rock! Full Story

Boulder Rocks! Week four Rock sent winners hiking
Finding the rock was no walk in the park last week, but Pablo Velasco and his team finally tracked it down on Saturday. Full Story

Boulder Rocks! Week five, second clue
Here's your second clue: Gotta stop and smell the roses. Full Story

Boulder Rocks! Week five, first clue
Here's your first clue: I moved my van, and I sold it, but I'm still down by the river. Full Story

The week four Rock has been found!
We'll have the details on where the Rock was found on Monday -- and a brand new set of clues. Stay tuned! Full Story

Duo finds week three Rock after bonus clue revealed
It took an extra clue for the week three Boulder Rocks! Rock to be found, but the hunt came finally came to an end Friday afternoon. Full Story

Boulder Rocks! Week four, final clue
Here's your final clue: I was wandering a historical street, but decided to take the Road to Wellville. Full Story

Boulder Rocks Rules 2013

By participating, entrants agree to these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor and/ or judges which are final and binding in all matters relating to Boulder Rocks!

Full Story

Boulder Rocks! Week four, fourth clue
Here's your fourth clue: I could've taken the easy way and gotten to the same place, but it's swimsuit season, so I took the stairs. Full Story

Boulder Rocks! Week four, third clue
Here's your third clue: I eat what the monkey eats: simple food and not much of it. Full Story

Boulder Rocks! Week four, second clue
Here's your second clue: I was feeling down, so I went up. Full Story

Boulder Rocks! Week four, first clue
Here's your first clue: I'm Latin, lover. Full Story

The week three Rock has been found!
The week three Rock has been found! Check back for the story about the winner, and we'll see you out there again on Monday for week four of Boulder Rocks! Full Story

Boulder Rocks! Friday afternoon bonus clue!
Friday afternoon bonus clue this week: Put a bird on it. Full Story

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Slow Caves has an image, and that's a great advantage when you're a new band. Identity usually comes slow and by default in the textbook cycle of band life. But it came almost from the outset for this Fort Collins quintet, and its SoCal sheen, youthful swagger and skateboard cool seem, if not intentional, at least immediate to the project. Full Story