John Thrasher, left, and Alex Van Engeleburg found the week three Rock.
John Thrasher, left, and Alex Van Engeleburg found the week three Rock. (Jake Hazan/For the Colorado Daily)

It took an extra clue for the week three Boulder Rocks! Rock to be found, but the hunt came finally came to an end Friday afternoon.

Co-workers Alex Van Engelenburg, 26, and John Thrasher, 23, scooped up the Rock around 1:30 on their lunch break.

Van Englenburg and Thrasher, employees of Histotox Labs, Inc. in Boulder, said they have been following the Boulder Rocks! clues since week one and have searched together when they've had time off from work.

Even their boss has been in on the hunt -- they headed out Friday after getting word from the boss that the Rock was still on the loose.

"I asked him to check if anyone had found it yet today," Van Engelenburg said. His boss went to the website and informed the two that not only had the Rock not been found yet, but another clue had been posted.

"We were about to take our lunch break, and we were like, 'let's go,'" Engelenburg said. "So we clocked off."

The duo headed out on the hunt.

The bonus clue -- "Put a bird on it" -- led them to different territory. The first clue, "I shall be telling this with a sigh," had them looking at the University of Colorado campus, near the Robert Frost statue (because the clue is a line from a Frost poem). But the bonus clue sent them to the area around Concord Avenue and Portland Place, where they found the Rock on a footbridge near the creek that runs along Ninth Street.

The finders said they are excited about the two tickets to Riot Fest in Denver and will split the $500 Visa Gift Card. They plan on buying pizza and beer for their co-workers.


Before spending all of the rest of prize money, Thrasher admitted an obligation he needs to fulfill.

"We owe 50 bucks to my sister," Thrasher said. "She's been out looking for us when we couldn't."