The Circosta Family, of Boulder, has a lot to celebrate this week after finding the last Colorado Daily Rock of the summer on Wednesday morning.

This is the third rock the family of four has found in less than two years, and 7-year-old Leo has plans to celebrate his first week of first grade with a family dinner on Friday night, courtesy of the $500 prize for finding the rock. Four-year-old Amelia said she was hoping to get a big ice cream cone with a couple scoops of birthday cake ice cream on top.

Renee Circosta said Leo went to his first day of school Wednesday after helping his family find the rock early that morning.

"It's a family affair for us, looking for the rock," Renee said.

Two years ago, the family spent their first prize loading up on local foods at the final farmers' market of the season, they said. Last year, an unexpected arm injury forced the family to spend the cash on physical therapy for Leo, so they're excited to splurge a little this time, they said. 

Gary Circosta, Renee's husband, said searching for the rocks provides the family with some quality time, discussing the clues and searching local parks for the prize.

"It's a treasure hunt for (the kids)," Gary Circosta said. "Sometimes, we get to keep the real treasure."

Renee Circosta found the rock this time near a foul-ball pole at Gerald Stazio Softball Fields in east Boulder.


This was the second time Circosta has figured out the clues, and both times were near a sports field, she said.

"I guess sports fields are my thing," she said.

Deciphering the clues has gotten easier over the last couple of years, the family said.

Amelia, age 4, said she has enjoyed going to new parks around Boulder while helping her family look for the rock.