Despite getting delayed in Boulder after he was arrested on suspicion of riding his horse while drunk, a Colorado Springs man said he was able to reach Utah in time for his brother's wedding today.

Patrick Schumacher, 45, his horse Dillon and his pug Bufford -- who rides atop Schumacher's backpack -- were on their way to Bryce, Utah, for Schumacher's brother's wedding when they passed through Boulder on Sept. 9.

Schumacher was arrested that day, however, after witnesses said he and his horse were wandering into traffic and that Schumacher repeatedly hit the horse near Broadway and Baseline Road.

Schumacher spent the night in jail, but the next day was able to get Dillon and Bufford back and continue their 600-mile journey to the wedding. Despite the delay, and with a little bit of help along the way, Schumacher told the Camera in an interview that the trio did, in fact, make it to Utah on Thursday.

"My brother and his sweetie just went to the justice of the peace," Schumacher said today.

Schumacher said he made it on horseback to Grand Junction, where he met up with someone able to drive him and his horse the rest of the way into Utah. Along the way, he and his animals continued to get a lot of attention from both residents and the media.

"Everybody notices a fellow on a horse," Schumacher said.

In fact, Schumacher appeared on the front page of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent on Tuesday, prompting an officer in that town to visit with Schumacher after his brother called the local police department.

"It was the only officer who came and talked to me (outside of Boulder)," Schumacher said. "I just told him I'm fine, just trying to get to my brother's wedding."

Patrick Neal Schumacher with his dog Bufford as he readies his horse Dillon outside the Humane Society of Boulder Valley on Tuesday morning in Boulder.
Patrick Neal Schumacher with his dog Bufford as he readies his horse Dillon outside the Humane Society of Boulder Valley on Tuesday morning in Boulder. ( Paul Aiken )

Schumacher told the Camera in an interview on Sept. 11 that he was in the Sunshine Canyon area just hours before flooding ravaged the area. But Schumacher said he was able to get out of the area before the flooding started.

"I rode through the foothills about two hours before the water," Schumacher said today. "I noticed my horse was picking up speed as he was getting out of there. He saw the creek next to the road getting faster."

Now that he is in Utah, Schumacher said he likely will leave the animals with his brother while he returns to Boulder to deal with his legal case.

Schumacher is due in court on Oct. 31 and faces charges of cruelty to animals, prohibited use of weapons and reckless endangerment, all misdemeanors, as well as riding a horse while under the influence of alcohol, a traffic infraction.

A police report said when officers found him on University Hill near Broadway and College Avenue, Schumacher was slumped over to the right and forcing people off the sidewalks, officials said. Officers asked him to dismount and gave him a roadside sobriety test, which Schumacher failed, police said. 

A breathalizer test also showed Schumacher registered a 0.151 blood-alcohol level, almost twice the 0.08 threshold for a DUI. Officers also found four beers in his saddlebag.

But Schumacher still insists he was never drunk and that he never hit his horse.

"I just had three beers, then this deputy dog whips around and flashes his blue lights," he said. "I'm not a happy camper about all this."