Elections are fun, aren't they?

Sure! Campaigns, straw hats, banners, slogans, mudslinging, accusations, titillating and damning grainy home-video footage, the whole deal. We Americans can't get enough of 'em.

And they serve a greater purpose, too, or so we're told.

We at the Colorado Daily have a long tradition of asking you jokers, the public at large, what you think rates as CU & Boulder's Best -- the best Mexican restaurant in Boulder, the best spa, the best shoe store, the best everything else, and then printing your opinions right here in this annual publication.

Thanks for your votes, by the way. Each year, there are a few things we expect and a few things we never could have guessed. Best dive bar (see Pg. 16) could go one of a few ways, but best local celebrity is wide open. Boulder's crawling with celebrity chefs, well-known musicians and brilliant scientists. And you chose a local ne'er-do-well known for making people uncomfortable and/or passing out in public (Pg. 29).

Good for you. That's the magic of democracy.

Putting this thing together was tough, mostly because every time we wrote about one of the restaurants, we wanted to call it quits and go get a bagel (Pg. 14), a beer (Pg. 15) or a mouth-watering mystery burrito (Pg. 19).


But hey -- enough about us. This is about you and your opinions, so let's get to them.

And by the way, you look great today.