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Zump Urycki, Liv Fetterman and Bob Fisk enjoy their gyros from the Gyro Stand on Pearl Street.

BOULDER, Colo. -

It's after midnight, you're starving and on a desperate search to find some food to quiet the persistent growls from your stomach. Where can you find salvation? Yes, we all know Taco Bell, Denny's and IHOP are open late, but where else can you go to eat food after midnight?

Downtown Boulder offers a wide range of late-night food joints offering items such as pizza, burgers, sandwiches, gyros, crepes and cookies.

"It's really cool to yell out 'pizza' to the street and then have people come to our window," said Dusty O'Connell, late-night manager at Pizza Colore on Pearl Street. "Soon we'll have 20 people in line and then 20 people standing and eating pizza; it's cool to see."

It's not always easy to remember who's still serving food when you're fresh from some late-night revelry. So we're providing a list of 15 local late-night spots. You can impress your friends when you pull the list out of your pocket -- they might even call you a hero.

Interested? Check out the list below and let your stomach lead the way.

Abo's Pizza

With a recently remodeled restaurant, Abo's offers hand-tossed pizza with sauce and dough made fresh daily.

Food:Pizza, calzones, stromboli and salads

Prices:Cheese pizza slices $2.95 plus 70 cents per topping; pizzas $11-$40; calzones and stromboli $7 plus $1 per topping; salads $3.95-$7.65

Location:1110 13th St.


, on the Hill

Late Hours:Thursday until 2 a.m., Friday and Saturday until 2:30 a.m.

Info:303-443-3199 or

Attic Bar & Bistro

On Walnut Street near the Med and Brasserie Ten Ten, the Attic is a bar-and-restaurant combo where you can be playing pool and drinking one minute and ordering some food the next.

Food:Starters, soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, entrées and pasta

Prices:Starters from $3-$7.50, soups and salads from $3.25-$7.50, sandwiches from $4.50-$10.50, burgers from $7.25-$8.25, entrées and pastas from $7.95-$17.95

Location:949 Walnut St.

Late Hours:Every night until 2 a.m., serving food until 1 a.m.


Baker St. Pub & Grill

This new British-style pub in the former Chili's location on 28th Street offers a cozy sit-down setting to munch on some British favorites.

Food:Burgers, sandwiches, traditional dishes including shepherd's pie and fish and chips, and appetizers including nachos and wings

Prices:Burgers and sandwiches $8.99-$16.99; traditional dishes $7.99-$11.99; appetizers $5-$9

Location:1729 28th St.

Late Hours:Every night until 2 a.m., serving food until close.

Info:720-974-9490 or

Boulder Baked

This family owned restaurant can help satisfy any sweet craving with its wide selection of yummy cookies, cakes and more. What could be better than a cookie in one hand and a jug of milk in the other?

Food:Cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, tuna melts and tomato bisque, Key lime pie, brownies, milkshakes, daily homemade soups and chili, vegan cupcakes and gluten-free cake

Prices:Cookies $1.10-$2.50 each, also available by the dozen and half-dozen; "Sweet Sixteen," with a quart of milk, $16; Cookie Cakes, $18-$24; individual pie, cupcake and brownie desserts, $2-$5

Location:1911 Broadway

Late Hours:Thursday through Saturday until 2 a.m.

Info:303-444-4999 or

Conor O'Neill's

You can't miss the outside of this traditional Irish pub, which is painted the same bright blue as the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Inside you can experience the full bar and some great fried food late at night.

Food:Late-night menu features fish and chips, chicken tenders, burgers and beer-battered shrimp

Prices:All late-night food items are $7.99

Location:1922 13th St.

Late Hours:Food served until 1 a.m., open until 2 a.m.

Info:303-449-1922 or

Cosmo's Pizza

Although the lines at Cosmo's can be out the door late at night, it's worth the wait to be able to eat a plate-sized pizza slice, or two, or three ...

Food:Pizza, calzones, breadsticks and salads

Prices:Cheese slices $2.70 plus 50 cents per topping; pizzas $8.55-$35.99; calzones starting at $7.99; breadsticks $3.22; salads $3.99-$6.99

Locations:1325 Broadway and 659 30th St.

Late Hours:Every night until 2:30 a.m.

Info:303-447-3278 or

Crepes a la CartBringing French cuisine to Boulder, Crepes a la Cart offers crisp crepes made from either savory or sweet batter.

Food:More than 30 different lunch, dinner and dessert crepes


Location:2018 Broadway

Late Hours:Friday and Saturday until 3 a.m.


D. P. Dough

D.P. Dough is a casual place that offers a wide range of calzones, the alternative to pizza. You can sit, eat and jam to some music with the employees or take your food to go.

Food:More than 40 chicken and turkey, steak, beef, sausage, vegetarian and build-your-own calzones, wings and tenders and salads.

Prices:Calzones $7; wings $4-$11; tenders $6-$11; salads $3.25-$6.50

Location:1622 Broadway

Late Hours:Open Monday through Wednesday until 2 a.m., Thursday through Saturday until 3 a.m. and Sunday until 1 a.m.

Info:303-444-9663 or

Dubbin's Sandwiches

Two-week-old Dubbin's is in the little window next to the bath and body care shop Melt, and across 13th Street from Wells Fargo. This is a great spot to get some fresh-made food on the go.

Food:Sandwiches and quesadillas with pork, beef, chicken and tofu options. New menu items to be added soon.

Prices:Sandwiches and quesadillas $4.50-$5

Location:In a little window on the east side of 13th Street between Pearl and Walnut streets

Late Hours:Tuesday through Saturday 8 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

Info:770-900-5255 ?

The Gyro Stand

It's hard to miss "the gyro dudes" on the Pearl Street Mall, where people wait in line after leaving the bars for a dose of greasy goodness.

Food:Gyros, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers


Location:On the Pearl Street Mall at 11th and Pearl streets

Late Hours:Tuesday through Saturday from 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

Illegal Pete's

This quick-service Mexican restaurant allows you to grab a burrito on the go or to sit and eat your food at the bar and watch some TV.

Food:Burritos, tacos, taquitos, quesadillas and salads with chicken, steak, beef, fish and vegetarian options.

Prices:Burritos $5.75-$6.75; tacos $2.15-$6.50; taquitos $5.25-$6.65; quesadillas $5.45-$6.75; salads $5.55-$6.85

Locations:1320 College Ave. and 1447 Pearl St.

Late Hours:Thursday through Saturday until 2:30 a.m.


Jalino's Pizza

Located just north of Boulder High School, Jalino's is a fun pizza place that offers some of the best homemade desserts in town.

Food:Pizza, pasta, sandwiches, calzones and homemade desserts

Prices:Pizza slices starting at $2.50; pizzas starting at $12; calzones starting at $8.25; sandwiches $7.15- $8.75; pasta $8.75-$10.15; salads $5.25-$9; homemade desserts $1.75-$6.25

Location:1647 Arapahoe Ave.

Late Hours:Friday and Saturday until 2 a.m.

Info:303-443-6300 or

Old Chicago

Old C's is perfect for sitting down and chatting with friends while enjoying some good all-American food and a beer from the restaurant's vast selection.

Food:Pizza, burgers, salad and pasta

Prices:Pizzas $9.99-$20.99; burgers $7.99-$8.49; salads $6.59-$10; pastas starting at $7.49

Location:1102 Pearl St.

Late Hours:Every night until 2 a.m., full menu served until 1 a.m.

Info:303-443-5031 or

Pita Pit

Also near Boulder High, the Pita Pit is a great place for health-conscious folks to get some veggie-laden Lebanese-style pitas. The pitas are served fast for on the go or to eat in the casual restaurant.

Food:Pitas and salads


Location:1509 Arapahoe Ave.

Late Hours:Friday and Saturday until 3 a.m.

Info:303-443-7482 or

Pizza Colore

Late at night, this Pearl

Street pizza joint sells its food through a window at the front of the restaurant to provide quick service to the crowds.

Food:Pizzas, sandwiches, paninis, calzones, soup and desserts

Prices:Pizza slices starting at $2 after midnight; pizzas $6-$20.50; salads $2.50-$4.20; paninis $5.75-$6.45; soup $2-$6; pasta $6.45; calzones $6.45; 10-inch Italian sandwiches $6.25-$6.45; desserts $.82-$3.25

Location:1336 Pearl St.

Late Hours:Thursday through Saturday until 2:30 a.m.


Archived comments

The Corner Bar attatched to the Boulderado Hotel. Awesome food after midnight! (or anytime)

4/10/2009 12:59:20 AM

nitro fruit cup ....need i say more?


4/10/2009 3:35:23 AM

Hold it!The pizza guys are screaming "PIZZA!" on the street, late at night?This is Boulder, there's gotta be a law about that.

4/10/2009 6:17:42 AM

no night is complete without a gyro (or two).


4/10/2009 7:53:02 AM

Funny how half of 'em are pizza joints.


4/10/2009 8:09:44 AM

Living downtown,I love to party and the late night menus.I didn't realize I could buy pitas.Thanks to The Camera for the info.


4/10/2009 8:31:20 AM

Order up from the dude at the back of THE PUB (next to the pool table).Thats the best greasy bar food in town - not kidding.


4/10/2009 8:31:28 AM

Boulder really needs a 24-hour diner.


4/10/2009 8:36:54 AM




4/10/2009 8:52:53 AM

Enjoy while in college...after that it will make you fat to eat after midnight.Plus, you'd have heartburn and be up all night...LOL


4/10/2009 10:29:27 AM

yeah........ those gyros at the sandwich stand at 11th and Pearl must be mighty tasty at 2am............. even though they're prepared by guys who take leaks in the alley and don't have anyplace to wash their hands.

"Care for a little more urine on that grilled cheese?"

Eat up, guys!

Such high quality food in Boulder late night! Not!


4/10/2009 10:34:46 AM

Boulder really needs a Urine Bar.


4/10/2009 10:55:16 AM

KFC...I completely agree! The Pearl Street Pub has the best late night fare. Freshly made to order with care. This definitely should have been mentioned in the article.

As for 24 hour diners, does anyone remember Eddie Lubin's Magic Diner in the Ideal shopping center? That place rocked, but wasn't there for very long. We need another Eddie Lubin's!!


4/10/2009 11:55:04 AM

The Pearl Street Pub is in my opinion, the best place to catch a tasty late night meal. How did this one get missed?

4/10/2009 12:28:25 PM

I gotta agree with KFC and rainwater79 and linzine ... the Pub has really good made-to-order late night food.Tip the cook a buck or two and he'll set you up.


4/10/2009 12:53:10 PM

McDonald's, 28th Street.Still affordable.


4/10/2009 1:14:41 PM

I liked the L.A. Diner, especially in its original incarnation as the Oasis Diner, and the NY Deli on the downtown mall.Anything starting to attract lower income people gets bulldozed in a heartbeat.McDonald's on 28th is probably on a deathwatch because it's not bringing in as many wellheeled out-of-towners.


4/10/2009 1:17:13 PM


"L.A. Diner"


My first exposure to Boulder was in 1994 and when I saw the L.A. Diner I said to myself, "What a cool little town."

And now it's a Wendy's drive-through.


4/10/2009 3:08:56 PM

L.A. Diner rocked.


4/10/2009 3:24:56 PM

Loved the leggey rollerskaters..( LA Diner)....*SMILES* The food was hot too.I too was surprised that Pearl st Pub wasnot mentioned. BTW I recall Bungas Cellar.


4/10/2009 5:16:00 PM

Ever since the Oasis / Last American diner closed,

after midnight I am usually forced to eat at the 'Y' ... :P


4/12/2009 6:23:16 PM