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I can't tell if that's Cher or Marilyn Manson whose Sunday afternoon included a rubber stamp pad and a bottle of Clorox.

Wait. That's "L.A. Ink" star Kat Von D sporting new blonde locks. Von D just took a dive from Dita Von Teese-grade to Pamela Anderson status.

Maybe Kid Rock can ink a barbed-wire tattoo around her neck and they can all dine on escargot and Easy Cheese.

The blonde hair may not be so striking, but the outfit is vile. The tattoo artist showed off this scant attire at the affair aimed at thousands of 13-year-old boys: the Teen Choice Awards.

Contrary to David Spade's belief, money can't buy class.

Oh, and Tara Reid Tweeted -- she wants her outfit back.

Will Gaga bare all?

When Lady Gaga wore that ridiculous outfit -- I know, they incessantly flash through the brain like convulsing lights at a nightclub -- of Kermit the Frogs, she proclaimed it was a statement piece about not wearing fur.


Anyway, PETA jumped on that one like ink on Ashley Olsen's mink and asked her to pose in the "Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" ad campaign.

Gaga is still deciding.

Deciding what? We've seen it all already.

Sharon shows her stones

Sharon Stone chose the ripe age of 51 to lose her shirt again. The actress posed topless in a bondage-theme getup for a French magazine.

"If someone is shocked by these photos, it's a reflection of their own view of life, and they should ask themselves why they have that attitude," Stone said in Paris Match magazine.

It's not that we're shocked, Sharon. We're just grossed out.

An elderly woman sweating out a hot flash at a photo shoot doesn't ring sexy in my book. Throw a thong-sporting Richard Simmons on the set and then we're talking.

Douglas may get life

Cameron Douglas, 30, the son of Michael, could face life in prison for selling large amounts of methamphetamine over a three-year period.

Selling drugs garners life in prison, but child molesters get out in seven? Hmm.

Cameron is accused of selling tens of thousands of dollars worth of meth, which he reportedly shipped from California to New York via FedEx.

Neat how FedEx provides such a lucrative drug career..