Three teenagers arrested in the stabbing death of a Lafayette mother were charged as adults this morning in Boulder County District Court.

Bryan Grove, 17, told police he strangled his girlfriend Tess Damm's mother, 52-year-old Linda Damm, until she was unconscious, then stabbed her several times in the neck and once in the mouth after a heated argument four weeks ago.

Grove's friend, Jared Smith, who has also been arrested in connection with the case, told police that on the day of the slaying, the three were eating at the Westminster IHOP and Grove and Tess Damm were talking about how much they hated Linda Damm. Smith said Grove asked his girlfriend if she wanted him to take care of her mother, and the 15-year-old answered yes, according to arrest reports released Wednesday following the charging hearing.

The trio then drove to the home at 705 W. Brome Place, and Grove got out of the car and said he would call them when it was OK to return, Smith told detectives. After a while, Grove called and asked for Smith to come inside and help him wrap a sheet around Damm's bloody body and put her in the trunk of her Subaru wagon in the garage, according to the report.

Grove is charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and tampering with physical evidence, all felonies.

Tess Damm is also charged with three felonies - conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, being an accessory to a crime and tampering with physical evidence.


Grove's friend Jared Guy, 18, is charged with being an accessory to a crime and tampering with physical evidence after police say he tried twice to dispose of Damm's body about a week after the crime - once at the Erie dump and a second time by burying it in Boulder's Green Mountain Cemetery. Guy and Grove returned that same night to retrieve Damm's body for fear of it being discovered.

Smith, 16, has not been charged yet.

Police discovered Damm's decaying body in the Subaru Feb. 27, while following up on a tip that there was a body that was going to be buried somewhere in Wyoming the following weekend .

Read Tess Damm's arrest report (PDF)

Read Bryan Grove's arrest report (PDF)

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Archived comments

I never said music didn't have an effect on people. I said it doesn't have THAT big of an effect on people. While ICP and other bands sometimes have violent messeges, there was probably more then music involved in Bryan's decision to kill her. Homicides by teens 14-17 have declined, even as video games and movies become more and more detailed in violence. (

The killing was due to extreme hatred, as most killings are. They didn't kill because some Death Metal band said so. They didn't kill because it looked cool in a video game.


3/7/2007 10:57:53 PM

It is good for the community that they are charged as adults. They allegedly had a three week party after the murder. If one analyzes their writings and how they allegedly acted after the murder one will quickly realize how dangerous they may be. No matter how much the media praises them, do the research yourself and look at how these people conducted themselves after a murder took place.

If it was self-defense and Tess was being abused Boulder county social services and police would have immediately taken action against the mom as they take abuse very seriously.

I hope the community starts to ask why exactly young people seem to be so cold and callous today. Why do Colorado public schools seem to allow verbal bullying so much? Are public schools failing to enforce caring behavior? Is it rap music? How much does violent music and video games contribute to callous actions and mindsets? How does the mass media play a part in violent behavior? Some in the media are implying that Tess's boyfriend was so cool that he killed for her. Killing is not love. Giving life is love. Keeping people safe is love. Not glorifying violent behavior is love. Murder is hate.


3/7/2007 10:52:09 AM

BH, you never miss an opportunity to really bring to light the most outrageous and ridiculous ideas regarding the current events reported in this newspaper. We are all worse off for having read your post..."is it rap music?" I can't stop laughing and I hope you are kidding.

Not even Tipper Gore still blames it on rap. If you can name 5 relevant rappers in the next 10 minutes that have had any mainstream success since 2000 in the "gangsta" category, I will give you your due credit. But, I will save you a frantic Google search and inform you that rap like that is not popular these days, let alone driving our youth to kill their mothers.


3/7/2007 11:35:53 AM

It's amazing how much information the police can "release" and the local paper print when they decide to. It's too bad this level of diligence can't be brought to bear on more mundane city business and the day-to-day police activities that lack big-time PR potential.

Incidentally, BH could easily be the most un-hip person in the western half of the United States. It's not rap music that's to blame; it's Bad Poetry.


3/7/2007 12:26:42 PM


They surrounded themselves in a violent callous environment. You imply nothing can be done to prevent violence and I think a lot can be done.

I stated early on that they should be tried as adults. I hope they get lengthy sentences if proven guilty. I never supported self defense claims.

Did you read the link that shows physical evidence on how violent movies, tv and music effects the brain? The callousness these kids showed after the murder was learned and reinforced by their social surroundings. They are a product of their environment. They learn by going to public school, watching tv, going to movies and listening to music.

I am amazed that some younger people have no desire to find the root causes of violent behavior. Music causes action. If music did not have an effect on people then how are 50,000 seat stadiums filled with music fans? Metallica packed 75,000 seat stadiums back in the day. The Grateful Dead packed 100,000 seat stadiums.

Our entire country revolves around entertainment. 40 million people watch American Idol at the same time. That is a lot of people involved in something (spending time) to watch entertainment. Many take action and vote for their favorite singers. Entertainment is a massive part of the American culture.

It's not just one band that sends people over the edge. It's a combination of violent stimuli that turns people into cold uncaring monsters.


3/7/2007 10:32:22 PM

sah- insane clown posse is rap, no?


3/7/2007 1:09:55 PM

Tess should have given her boyfriend the boot but somehow she did not have enough self-esteem to do so. Maybe she is worse than her boyfriend. I do not know. It's my guess that she surrounded herself with rotten people and immersed herself in the rap lifestyle by listening to bands like ICP. Her mom was right about her boyfriend and was killed for stating so. Look at the rap culture and how they solve problems with violence. Look at the verbal taunting in rap music. Watch MTV and look at the vulgarity that is promoted 24/7.


3/7/2007 10:40:15 PM

1) Band Bio - (describes them as half rap half metal...ok splitting hairs here, and worst case I give you 1 group of 5 groups requested), however

2) Billboard Chart History - (in 1997 ICP had one..ahem...hit named "Santa's a Fat Bitch" and it achieved a peak position of 67 on the Billboard 100; not exactly the mainstream rap artist of the millenium I asked BH for...come to think of it, Mr. Grove, the suspect in this case was 7 years old at that time. Maybe it made quite a lasting impression on him, but that would be splitting hairs, too).

Net rap artists of the new millenium named forcing kids to kill their moms currently stands at 0.


3/7/2007 1:27:45 PM

I also find it ironic that in the same paragraph one might suggest that the suspect is susceptible to impression from media such as rap and video games, yet then also suggest that it is "good" that they are charged as adults.

This is awfully duplicitous and wholly contradictory, at best.


3/7/2007 1:35:29 PM

BH and sah1, you might find some answers to your questions in this book: On Killing, by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

"Grossman argues that the...pervasive violence in the media and interactive video games is conditioning our children to kill in a manner similar to the army's conditioning of soldiers: 'We are reaching that stage of desensitization at which the infliction of pain and suffering has become a source of entertainment: vicarious pleasure rather than revulsion. We are learning to kill, and we are learning to like it.' Grossman, a professor of military science at Arkansas State University, has written a study of relevance to a society of escalating violence.

Also, see his website --

3/7/2007 2:12:38 PM

Looks interesting, JDB. I will certainly look at it. Thank you.


3/7/2007 2:29:37 PM

Adults have the responsibility not to promote violence and adults have failed. While these alleged murderers sit in prison the adults who make the violent video games and music laugh all the way to the bank.


3/7/2007 10:43:29 PM

This is a disturbing story. It is inexcuseable that this woman was murdered. But I have to ask myself: how bad of a home life does a child have to have to actually go through with murdering a parent? Was it similar to the Menendez brothers' case where they were so severely abused that they felt they had no other choice? I hope the police investigate thoroughly and get all the facts. If this girl was abused, it certainly doesn't excuse her actions, but it might help explain how/why these kids felt they needed to do something so drastic and awful. As BH says, "keeping people safe is love." True, so if the daughter was being abused...her boyfriend might have looked at the situation as keeping the girl safe (love), by eliminating the source of her pain. Who knows? I just can't imagine killing a person for any reason, so I am trying to fathom what was going on between the mother and daughter that might have lead to this situation. It might have been nothing more than a mother having a "normal" amount of control over her teen daughter and the daughter didn't like it, or it could have possibly been a horrific, abusive home life. ???

3/7/2007 2:33:48 PM

Rap metal is rap and not part of the hard rock, classic rock or hippie scene. Watch The White Rapper Show on VH1. It went out of it's way to glorify ICP. Boulder used to be a folk and classic rock music town but today there are a lot of rude and violent people who like rap and hip hop music. Take a look at the verbal taunting that is part of the rap and hip hop music scene and is glorified on MTV, CBS and VH1. Do you even know what the word "whatever" really means? I can't even post it on here as the real meaning is vulgar. There is nothing cool about ICP, rap music or the alleged murderers.

Take a look at a nation (USA) fighting a brutal war because the house and senate lapped up bogus intelligence reports and few had the courage to go against the grain and stand up for non-violence. The powers that be are pushing violence now more than ever and we are seeing the results in horrific ways. Ask yourself why if a women shows her boobs in public all he** breaks loose yet ultra violent video games, tv and music are sold by the millions to kids and young adults. Ask yourself why Colorado was home to the Columbine massacres and what part taunting and violent video games played a part in those brutal murders. Look at the level of taunting that goes on in public schools today and how television promotes the worst aspects of society relentlessly.

Tess should have gave her boyfriend the boot. Her mom and neighbors said he was bad news and they were correct only Tess's mom is dead and can't even try and help her daughter anymore. Tess allegedly partied for three weeks after her boyfriend allegedly stabbed her mom to death. Her boyfriend just landed Tess in prison. Gee what a great fellow eh? Tess learned her callous behavior (as proven in her MySpace posts) from somewhere. We are all shaped by our environment and these alleged murderers are no expection. Look at the completely callous way these kids allegedly acted after a murder had taken place. That is learned behavior and socially reinforced disregard for human life.

Boulder is too good of a town not ask itself some tough questions. I think music that glorifies vulgarity and brutality does shape the mindset of of people and especially young people. I do believe violent video games numb a person to the point of callousnesses and total disregard for human life. I do not find murder funny, cool or entertaining.

I understand Boulder will never be a hippie town again but I will continue to post when I feel like it. I have a wonderful group of friends in Boulder. None of them are rap or hip hop music fans and that is fine with me. I chose to create a healthy environment around me and I chose my friends very carefully.


3/7/2007 4:24:38 PM

I still party hard but I do not allow degenerates into my life. I would encourage artistic people to make an effort to listen to classic rock, blues rock and folk music and to get to know Boulder's long ago hippie roots. Granted we are a tiny group and a minority in Boulder today but you will find that one does not have to verbally taunt anyone or kill people to be seen as cool in our non rap loving community.


3/7/2007 4:28:02 PM


Thanks for the link! That was kind of you to pick up on what I was implying and point to some research on the subject.


3/7/2007 4:31:49 PM

Boulder is my favorite town in the country. There are many helpful people like johndoeboulder especially at CU. I learn new stuff the more people debate. It's also good for the Camera's ad department the more people express their views in a non-violent, taunting or vulgar way.

I also think death metal music leads to violence but in this case ICP is rap music. ICP is in no way part of hippie rock


3/7/2007 4:40:17 PM


If she was being abused Boulder county would have arrested the mom. Boulder county has really come around in this regard and it is willing to protect those unable to fend for themselves now more than ever. Social services can get the police to intervene quickly if a child or handicapped person is being abused.


3/7/2007 4:45:53 PM

Tess's father does not want anything to do with Tess and that says a lot. The mom suspected her boyfriend was bad news from the start of the ill conceived relationship. I am not saying Tess's mom was an angel but no one deserves to be brutally murdered. Her mom did not like Tess's boyfriend and she paid the price of death for her opinion and that is wrong. The way the alleged murderers acted after the murder was inexcusable.


3/7/2007 4:50:49 PM

Hope all those little f**kers involved in this horrific crime get lethal injection, life, or better yet, just get dragged behind a car for a couple miles.


3/7/2007 7:45:43 PM

Somehow, I don't think this murder had anything to do with music, public schools, video games, or any other media crap. Stop trying to blame someone and blame the kids. I knew Bryan and have no problem calling his actions stupid. It was his choice to kill Tess' mother, and his choice alone. While Rap is not my music of choice, rap could not play a big enough role in life as to alter someone's choices that much. If music had THAT much of an effect on people, I'd be slamming down the booze, because I think Straight no Chaser (Jazz) by Thelonious Monk is a great song. Do I drink? No, but I still like the music. Stop trying to blame the media for everything, and instead blame these kids for making stupid choices.


3/7/2007 9:23:01 PM

This discussion needs to include mental heath issues. Can you imagine being an only child, and your one parent is an angry alcoholic from the day you were born? How does that child develop normally? How does he or she learn right from wrong, trust of anybody, or feel loved in the world? How does her brain develop? Did you read Tess's writings about trying to get her mom off alcohol basically her whole life? It's no reason for murder, but is her brain "normal" or did she ever have a fair chance at life to begin with? Where is the compassion for someone who is very very sick? I hope she gets the help she's needed for years.

3/7/2007 10:53:33 PM

if anything the three kids are just sick cuz i knew the mom and she was not abusive she was a kind lady who cared and showed her daughter support in a lot of things until she got with bryan she turned into a girl that didn't give a s***t and thought she was bad cuz she got with the wrong crew and this all pretty much happened bc the mom said no them and didn't want the daughter seeing him and when she said something it pissed them off and how long were the two seeeing eachother a couple months and there acting like that i could see if they were together for 2 yrs but they weren't they could have just moved out ran away r something to get away not kill her mom i mean thats just sick and its not bc of the music everyone could blame it on many different reasons but it ain't the real reason y they did that its just bc there insane and deserve to be in jail over love that isn't real love bc if it was real they would have thought about if they killed the mom and got caught and went to jail they would deffently not see eachother i mean u must not be very smart to think about what would happen after the insident i mean its all sick and uncalled for the whole thing is gross and sick exspecially when people are sitting there supporting them i mean i wouldn't be if sum1 killed my mom r any other mom i mean she brought u into this world and ur goin to take her out of it u have to be one twisted person peace


3/7/2007 11:13:21 PM

I never said it was just about music. It's a combination of callous entertainment and rotten friends. It's looking more and more like they pre-planned it. Entertainment shapes culture. Violent video games, music and tv have a negative effect on the brain.

The mom tried to help her daughter and was killed for it is what appears to have happened. I agree that she should have left and that Bryan did not really love her. It looks like a bunch of ICP loving murderers got together and allegedly killed someone.

Sometimes parents are right about people. Tess is alleged to have helped plan the murder and her behavior after the murder was about as cold and callous as any human could be. I hope they are all locked away for a very long time if they are found guilty.

Murder is not love no matter how many tv shows and rap or death metal bands say it is. I don't like death metal either but rap and hip hop sell a lot more and have much more influence than death metal does.


3/8/2007 4:26:01 AM

"Current research tends to agree with the proponents who argue that violent media is associated with aggressive behavior. Risky behavior by children and young adults can include violence against others, lack of remorse for consequences. The type of faulty thinking creates stressors in children which can lead to the onset of many different symptoms. Children who view media violence are more likely to have increased feelings of hostility, decreased emotional response to the portrayal of violence and injury that lead to violent behavior through imitation. An example here would be the television show Jack Ass. There have been several accidents related to young men attempting stunts that are done on the show. The act of imitating what they have seen on a television show causes injury to themselves or others around them."


3/8/2007 4:47:20 AM

"A new report commissioned by the Institute on Women & Criminal Justice finds that female imprisonment in the U.S. has skyrocketed 757 percent since 1977. Women are the fastest-growing segment of the prison population, surpassing male prison population growth in all 50 states. These trends have profound consequences for communities, families and the women themselves. The report finds that the rise in the female prison population has been punctuated by growth spikes that reached higher, lasted longer and often began earlier than those affecting men. The pace of growth has fallen since 2000, but the rate at which women are added to prison each year remains high."


3/8/2007 4:49:20 AM

BH--how do you know the police would have arrested the mom if she was being abusive? How many kids live in abusive homes each and every day with no help from authorities? Abuse can be reported but not always proven even if it is in fact happening. First, the kid has to contact the police to report it (and I am sure there are many times the kid does not make that call for fear of retribution from the parents). And even if there is an investigation they might not find any evidence of abuse. I am not saying this victim was abusive; I have no idea. But it is something to be considered and looked into in any case of a parent being murdered.

3/8/2007 9:26:59 AM

BH-something is wrong with u. Not everything has to do with violent music, games, or movies. Get over it!

I believe something is wrong with Tess and Bryan but what about the other kids. Why do u think they help? Out of friendship or where they threatend?


3/8/2007 5:33:35 PM


If Tess contacted Boulder social services about her mom's alcoholism they may have been able to help or even help separate the daughter from her mother.

In this case Tess's mom was right about her daughter's new found bad boy boyfriend. I agree that police are ill equipped to understand the nuances of family relationships, however, social services is trained and have degrees on how to help people being abused or kids that want to get away from alcoholic or abusive parents.

It's a shame social services did not separate Tess from her alcoholic mother sooner but it still appears that Tess's circle of friends would have murdered someone in the future as that was their lifestyle. Her boyfriend allegedly stated that he would kill anyone that disagreed with Tess in any way or who did not let Tess do what she wanted when she wanted. Sometimes parents are spot on about their kid's friends and in this case Tess's mom paid the price of death for her trying to protect Tess.

One thing girls do not understand is that cool boys don't go around beating up or killing people at the request and whim of their spoiled girlfriends. I have seen many women lavish physical affection on men so they can have them beat-up other men. This is especially true with the rap, hip hop, death metal and rap metal crowds. The lifestyle and mindset of the alleged murderers was destined to end in homicide in my opinion. I read the MySpace postings the media has shown and I could have told you they were violent and dangerous people. I have seen the keywords and style of writing that violent people use before. We all give away or personality when we post or speak.

There is nothing wrong with asking why social services never separated Tess from her alcoholic mother but it's my opinion that Tess's new circle of friends and her socially reinforced callousness would have eventually caused the death or deaths of others in the community in the most horrific way.

Being a hippie myself I have to be very careful around certain groups of people these days and this is why I try and figure out personalities by listening carefully to how they speak, the words they use to convey their feelings and what they are implying.


3/9/2007 9:00:12 AM


I believe people for the most part (not 100% of the time) are products of their environments and that is a fact. The research shows violent, crude, vulgar and vicious entertainment pushed relentlessly to masses has a negative effect on behavior and healthy community interaction.

There is nothing wrong with me caring about people in general and the community I live in.


3/9/2007 9:04:15 AM