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Brief bio:

After college graduation, three years of active duty as a Marine Corps officer and a forty year business career in banking, and retail store design and merchandising, I became an ACE certified personal trainer in 2002. Moving to Boulder in 2005, I currently train clients at Flatiron Athletic Club and the Boulder Country Club. My clients range from pre-teens through 80 and 90 year-olds and cover not only cardiorespiratory, strength and flexibility training but also swim instruction.

I also help clients identify other activities (yoga, pilates, group programs) that would help them meet their fitness goals. I have also worked with clients with Alzheimer, arthritis, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism, Asperger's syndrome and Special Olympics power lifters.

At Flatirons Athletic Club, I also lead an Arthritis Aquatics program and the Platinum Rockers, a program for active older adults.

What is your philosophy when working with clients?

First I must totally understand my clients' past and current health and medical conditions, past and current exercise activities, success or failure of previous fitness endeavors, their likes and dislikes and what motivates them, and their current specific goals. Only then can I develop and implement a plan that will insure success.

Variety in mode of exercise, elements within each mode and an ongoing review of goal progress are key to motivating a client and to their success in meeting the established goals.


I implement functional exercises as appropriate, in addition to standard strength exercises. Having fun by doing something the client likes is also key to success.

How did you get involved in health and fitness?

I've been active in athletic and fitness activities all my life and late in my business career I began working at an athletic club. This led to becoming certified as a personal trainer and swim, water aerobics and arthritis aquatics instructor and therefore, a second career in the fitness industry. It was also at a time that I was overweight and on medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol and rheumatoid arthritis. I am now happy to say that due to my exercise program I am no longer taking any of those medications.

What is your personal health care routine?

Doing some type of exercise each day where on a weekly basis I am getting two days of 45-60 minute swims, two days of bike rides totaling 50-60 miles, strength training worked in between client sessions, as well as my two days of leading my arthritis aquatics class. Yoga, mountain hiking and walking when I can fit it in as well as regular meals and rest. My goal is to participate in the Ride theRockies and compete in some long distance swims in 2008.

Describe your perfect day:

Three to five client personal training sessions, my own exercise, and time with my wife and family here in Boulder.

How can people contact you?

Bob Nelson, Integrated Fitness Strategies, 303-819-0912,

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