A bear appears to have broken into a home in Left Hand Canyon over the weekend, ransacking the kitchen in search of food, according to the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Officers responded to a call Monday from the homeowners, who had returned from a trip. A bear, which was no longer in the house, had pulled screens off the windows and pried a door open, said Division of Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill.

"Their kitchen was pretty much trashed," she said.

She said the residents didn't appear to have anything outside their home that would have attracted a bear.

"We are very concerned that the bear broke into the home like that," she said.

She said it's likely that the bear had learned through other experiences that houses mean an opportunity for food.

"It's really critical for people to understand that it just takes one chance for a bear to get into something," she said. "That's when they start hanging around neighborhoods and getting into danger."

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You take their habitat, they take yours.

Why go on vacation, it appears your destination IS your pristine mountain home.


8/5/2008 12:02:53 AM


And we low-landers have to foot the heightened insurance costs.


8/5/2008 12:04:14 AM

"We are very concerned that the bear broke into the home like that,"

Then MOVE!

You wanted to live in the country. You ARE in the country. Learn to live there in harmony or get out! I'm sure the bears and other creatures didn't get your memo.

The next thing we know bears will be shot from trees where they are hiding in fear. Oh, that's right...we are already doing that.


8/5/2008 9:20:15 AM

Unfortunately we all know what is going to happen to this bear - or some unsuspecting bear that happens to turn up in the neighborhood. What a bunch of prissy whimps we all are. Hiding out in our houses from nature, fearful of wildlife, yet pushing farther and farther into their world. Is it any wonder the Indians thought the white man were crazy? Settlers living in their boxes instead of living with nature the way the Native Americans did. Now those boxes are getting bigger and bigger as we all become more and more greedy.


8/5/2008 10:04:18 AM

How do you know it was a bear ? ('it was no longer there')

Ive seen coons do some pretty bad damage.

Perhaps it was a jilted lover.


8/5/2008 10:21:15 AM

Bear 1 - Kitchen 0


8/5/2008 10:40:30 AM

KaDargo, DianeMad and 'lowlander' lynn - where do you live and what was displaced from that area in order for you to live there? I suppose you're eager to share your backyard with a bison or an antelope?

It's actually good to read articles prior to posting - the "We are very concerned" quote was from the CDOW spokesperson, not the homeowner....why on earth would the CDOW person move?


8/5/2008 11:14:53 AM

If the circus can teach a bear to ride a bicycle, then why can't we teach them to use the front door so that they don't do so much damage?


8/5/2008 11:24:50 AM

I bet it was Yogi the bear but he has gone from picnic basket's to home invasion ...How sad a bear gone bad !!!!


8/5/2008 1:58:03 PM