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Dairy Center for the Arts, 2590 Walnut St.

The 18-by-40-foot acrylic mural on the side of the Dairy Center includes an American flag and bald eagle and a Mexican flag and golden eagle. It was painted in 2001 by Florian Lopez, a mural artist from Mexico, as part of a sister-city relationship between Boulder and Ciudad Mante, Boulder's sister city in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Lopez wanted to create an art exchange between the two cities, whereby he would send as many as 25 paintings from Mante artists, many of whom studied on the local legendary muralist Ramon Cano.

The Dairy Center's artwork, titled "Sister Cities, Mante-Boulder," is an expression of gratitude for a long-standing Boulder medical campaign to help people in Mante funded by the Boulder Community Hospital. Lopez's visit was commissioned by the city of Mante.

In 2001, he said of the mural: "The purpose of murals is education. It's a communication to the soul of the person who's looking at it."

September High School, 1902 Walnut St.

A dragonfly mural is painted on the side of the music building by the meditation garden. The mural was put together as part of the mixed-media art class this spring, led by art teacher Angela Beloian and student Taylor Duval.

"Before, it was an overgrown weedy area behind the building, and now if you see it, there's a spiral path, rose bushes, we redid the garden space, added a fence with the same colors as the mural -- the whole place looks amazing," says principal Dan Fox.


September School's Community Building, northwest corner of 19th Street and Canyon Boulevard.

Teacher and muralist Ben Brown helped organize the student painting of the large Cheshire Cat outer-space scene that has become an extension of the September School's identity. The trick: Everyone involved seemed to have their own idea for the mural, so Brown created the background scene to tie all of the different ideas together.

Even though the community building is not the school's main facility, people recognize the school by the "Cheshire cat" painting. But principal Fox says that's fine, because the community building houses the school's arts program. And the school's overall emphasis is to help find ways for students to express themselves and learn about themselves through art.

Don't miss the painted spiral railings outside of the building, painted by David Norrie last year.

29th Street and Valmont Road.

The graffiti on the side of this brick building was painted last November as part of September School's after-hours graffiti mural class.

HB Woodsongs, 2920 Pearl St.

A mural of four musicians playing instruments on a porch is on the side of Woodsongs, a guitar and music store.

The mural was painted three years ago by Kahlie Pinello and her father, Jake Pinello, with the company Flat Rabbit Mural, which does the scenery and backdrops for Planet Bluegrass. They originally proposed a picture with four men, but store staff suggested making one a woman -- and another employee wanted to add his dog who had just died, as a memorial.

Eben G. Fine Park and Settler's Park.

Watershed School students painted a nature-scene mural in the tunnel between the two parks in April. The mural took five days and was part of a school project.

Former Mapleton Elementary School, 840 Mapleton Ave.

This mural, "Jurassic Park," is commonly known as the dinosaur mural.

Flatirons Elementary, 1150 Seventh St.

This mural, on the fence of upper field of the playground, was painted in 2006 by then-University of Colorado student Collin Brothers, of Denver. The mural is a compilation of drawings from two third-grade classes on the topic of pollution.

Horizons Alternative K-8 School, 4545 Sioux Drive.

A colorful chicken outside the school was inspired by the works of French sculptor and painter Niki de Saint Phalle.

Boulder Public Library, 1000 Canyon Blvd.

This large tree mural is on the west side on the garden level of the library.

Rincon Del Sol restaurant, 2350 Arapahoe Ave.

A large margarita is painted on the side of this restaurant near Arapahoe Avenue and Folsom Street.