Longmont police were kept on their toes Thursday, making several arrests in ongoing and other cases.

Officers arrested Michael Daniel Sanchez, 27, after stopping a car he was riding in for not displaying tail lights during the early morning hours.

Cmdr. Tim Lewis said Sanchez was asked to step out of the back seat of the car, and was found to have a butterfly knife closed in his hand.

Officers arrested Sanchez without incident, and recovered from the car more than an ounce of marijuana, a small amount of methamphetamine, medical syringes and a scale.

He was booked into the Boulder County Jail on suspicion of possessing an illegal weapon, possession of a controlled substance and other drug-related charges.

Lewis said Sanchez is a known drug dealer in Longmont.

Officers in the afternoon responded to the Kohl's Department Store, 1211 S Hover Rd., on a report of two shoplifters.

Lewis said officers arrested Humberto Ortiz-Davila, 25, on suspicion that he was using a 17-year-old girl to help steal shoes, jeans and other merchandise from the store.

He was booked into the Boulder County Jail on possible charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, theft and criminal conspiracy, Lewis said.

Thursday evening, officers located and arrested Jeni Lee Hernandez, 26, Lewis said.

She was caught at Elevations Credit Union in Longmont trying to pass three checks written on three separate closed accounts, Lewis said.


Hernandez was previously arrested in Longmont in connection with a check-fraud ring, Lewis said, that included passing large amounts of bad checks at area banks and credit unions.

The incident was also a violation of her bail bond in eight pending criminal cases in Boulder, Weld and Arapahoe Counties, Lewis said. Hernandez is suspected of passing thousands of dollars in bad checks in each of those cases.

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I find myself struggling to keep any prejudices in check...


12/5/2008 10:12:21 AM

Alex, I will take "Criminal names ending with Z" for 400


12/5/2008 10:14:30 AM

Things like this happen alot in Longmont.


12/5/2008 10:15:56 AM

Thanks vertex. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.


12/5/2008 10:23:08 AM

Butterfly knives and 17 year old girls.. Now that's the Longmont high life ...


12/5/2008 10:36:53 AM

Maybe he is simply watching his calories and the scale is being used to weigh his food portions...


12/5/2008 10:54:51 AM

I expect no less from Longmont. Keep up the good work!


12/5/2008 10:54:54 AM

Daniel Michael Sanchez is a friend of mine. He was framed. The Longmont pigs pulled him over and then broke the tail lights. He didn't have a knife, it was a rosary. He had oregano that he was bringing his mother to make posole. The syringes were for his diabetic sister, the methamphetamine is medically prescribed for ADHD, and he runs a mailing service as his third job so he has to have a scale at 2:00 in the morning.

It was a setup.

You people are racist against Longmontians.


12/5/2008 10:59:55 AM

It won't be long before Longmont changes its name to San Longmontino.


12/5/2008 11:45:39 AM

Longmont Police impersonators are some of the finest impersonators to ever pretend to be law enforcement. Tomorrow, anyone whose last ends with the letter A better watch out, Longmont's finest are pretty good reciting the alphabet and cipherin' too.


12/5/2008 12:02:06 PM

Longmont police accomplish more in a given day than the BPD has in its entire existence, this is the norm in Longmont, they actually have criminals to deal with besides drunk college kids and stoners.


12/5/2008 12:11:54 PM

I notice not one mention of their status of their citizenship. Call me a racist, I could give a care less.

As we head further into economic decline, this is going to get a lot worse.


12/5/2008 12:41:06 PM

friggin liberal punk-a$$ Boulder hippy stonheads


12/5/2008 12:40:39 PM

blacksho89 really A set-up they broke his tail lights. yeah nice try. I guess they put the stuff in his car too. I hope all these scumbags in longmont get "setup" if that's what it takes to make this town a little safer.


12/5/2008 1:17:50 PM



12/5/2008 1:27:17 PM

Hey Viper1963. You are a racist!!

Discussion about citizenship for non citizens is protected and not allowed under the laws of the US. Laws that are designed to protect the rights of those who chose to live in the US but not under it's jurisdiction. Any and all discussions (or heckling) of people is reserved for only when the person (victim) is a US citizen at which time the heckling is then classified as protected under the 1st amendment. Until then it's illegal...

You wouldn't t want the US to get the reputation that we treat people who don't sign-up or try to align with the the laws of the US differently then those who do, do you?

We must always show consideration to the less fortunate people who in most cases chose to evade/break the laws of the US, not pay taxes, use hospital emergency rooms for health-care, thumb their nose at authority and show others in similar situations that it's right to work against the system and to use it for personal gain at all costs.

Why the officers in Longmont should be ashamed of themselves for apprehending these people who obviously were doing the only thing they could do to get by. We all know that that jobs that pay legal wages are not available anymore otherwise. We all know that job classifieds in papers like the DC and other are obviously fake along with all the free classes and seminars available to anyone so they can learn new skills and get ahead. And the request from companies to apply for jobs after seeing their availability listed on the Colorado job banks is obviously fake too.

So racist, the next time you find out that your life or identify has been stolen from you or your family/friends have been harmed in any capacity be sure to not even think of pursuing the issue if the person who performed the act is a non citizen who does not have an allegiance to the very system's laws they break.

Remember, the rights of those that do not have any rights, and should not even be here to exercise their non-rights, are more precious to than those those who are protected by and who support the US.


12/5/2008 1:44:25 PM

laughter - hope you fell sorry for them when they steal your things or rob your house. It has nothing to do with skin color more to do with crimes being committed


12/5/2008 1:53:34 PM


i thought Boulder was the most intelligent city in the US.

Have you ever heard of "sarcasm"? You can find it in a "book" called a "dictionary".

It's not out on video yet.


12/5/2008 3:02:22 PM

Hey laughter,,, perfect moniker for your Camera name. You are a joke.

There is not a single, rational statement in your post. Apprehending people who are trying to get by?

Tell you what, I need some money,,,give me your address and let me know when you aren't going to be home. I need some money, what with the holidays being here and all.

Illegal aliens broke the law just coming here, and some, not all continue to do so when they get here. I have seen some pretty ridiculous posts on these forums, but "laugher" you take the freakin' cake.


12/5/2008 3:11:23 PM

Viper and Meltron - You are both HILARIOUS! You should run for office.


12/5/2008 3:25:09 PM


Maybe I should. Truth be told, more than 70% of Americans share my view on illegal immigration, but our "do nothing" congress continues to ignore the "will of the people".

Cost McCain a heck of a lot of votes, and almost did in Saxby Chambers in Georgia.

This is going to get a lot worse.


12/5/2008 3:32:00 PM

Good grief...don't you people understand sarcasm and satire? You must all be from Longmont...


12/5/2008 4:04:15 PM

Viper1963: "more than 70% of Americans share my view on illegal immigration"

Not sure what your view is exactly but where can I find that stat? Please post a link.

I think laughter was trying to be funny, but I couldn't understand anything s/he said either. My sense is its not a good idea to start drinking in the morning and blog right after lunch.

One thing that does bother me, the presumption that if your name ends in Z you must be here illegally. Truth is this part of the country (i.e. southwest) was settled by Spanish at least 200 years before caucasians arrived.

blacksho89: melton is from Longmont.

FWIW Bush/Cheney and the wayward GOP cost McCain more votes than his position on immigration.


12/5/2008 4:17:36 PM

I do not post worthless links like many folks do, but I could in the future.

And Darth, I have not picked on you at all, although I will give you some credit for the humor in your drinking comment.

The irony here is that you find laughter's comments "funny", unable to comprehend that there are folks out there that absolutely feel the same way that he/she has posted.

I found nothing in that post, unlike Blackshot's that would be considered humorous.

But I do find it funny that you have decided to post here after I handed you your butt on a platter on the "deserter" issue this week, after you and other "drink the cool aid" posters were so willing to believe whatever the Camera writes, including this article.

That said, smoke some more weed, turn on Oprah, and start looking forward to your World of Warcraft interlude this evening, whilst attempting to reconcile your "white man's" burden.



12/5/2008 4:56:00 PM


"That said, smoke some more weed, turn on Oprah, and start looking forward to your World of Warcraft interlude this evening, whilst attempting to reconcile your "white man's" burden."

Now that's funny stuff..


12/5/2008 5:05:40 PM

Hey Darth,

I am no fan of W. I did though vote for him, due to the fact that once again we were faced with the "less of two evils". For the record, based upon his stance on illegal immigration ( and others ) I found him to be an imbecile and still do, and changed my affiliation to Independent.

When I say that 70% of the folks support my stance on illegal immigration, I am taking that from many sources, media, discussions, etc., but unfortunately, you will rarely find candor in these conversations in a public forum because most people are not wired that way, and if they did say what is really on their minds, would be labled racists (like me), nativists, or any other pejorative folks like you can muster. Am I going too fast?

Sorry Darth, you may have to visit "Wiki" to understand that word, but hopefully tomorrow, after you have had your first bong hit, you will understand; or not.


12/5/2008 5:12:42 PM

Thanks Vince,

After yesterday,I thought we had Darth jettisoned onto some "death star" in some far, far away galaxy, but no! The dark side still lives in him, as well as his randomly irrelevant comments.


12/5/2008 5:18:21 PM

Viper1963: Handed me my butt on a platter...? That is funny.

Where did I say laughter's post was funny? I said I didn't understand a word of it. Still don't.

Re: desertion issue which I don't feel like discussing again, the constitution - not I - provides for the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. You can argue all you want but it would be moot as Hering has not been charged with desertion let alone found guilty of anything yet. Nothing either of us can about that.

Two, I don't smoke weed 'man' (coming from someone who closes their posts with 'peace') but thanks for the suggestion. Nor do I watch Oprah, but my 13 yr old does enjoy WoW. I don't play computer games but I use to write them and many other types of applications.

As for 'picking on me...?' I can take care of myself case you haven't figured that out and I hardly find your intellect threatening in any way shape or form, so bring it when you're ready, but have some evidence to back up your assertions.

Having said that, if you're going to quote statistics you should be prepared to provide a source. Otherwise your quote is like you, hot air. I don't care if its a link or something else. Don't quote statistics and then not be able to back them up.

Here's a quote for you, 90% of the bloggers here think your FoS!


12/5/2008 5:53:11 PM

viper63: Sorry, redacting my vitriol, but i'll always call someone out that quotes statistics without providing a source or reference. Just the way my mind works.


12/5/2008 5:57:09 PM

Longmont criminals are stupid, yet so entertaining!

Case in point: http://tinyurl.com/6l899z


12/5/2008 6:50:24 PM

Fraud, drug crimes and theft happen in Longmont. Rape and murder are more common Boulder. Evidently the higher the I.Q. the sorrier the crimes.


12/5/2008 8:35:41 PM

I am REALLY sick and tired of these lawless, heathen trouble making Swedes and Norwegians coming to this country illegally and poisoning our culture...


12/6/2008 7:23:07 AM

Come on, these guys are just hard-working criminals, who are committing the crimes that Americans won't commit.


12/6/2008 8:58:59 AM

Wow, real police work, real crimes, real arrests!

I wish we had regular, wholesome crime in Boulder instead of the unsavory sort of crap that goes on here.


12/6/2008 9:13:18 AM

You all cannot really be serious. There was no mention anywhere in the entire article that these people were here illegally. I find it very sad that this article has so many posts strictly because the people that the article is in regards to, are Latino. Tell me how a man stealing clothes from Kohls is not doing it because he cannot afford to survive in this racist, capitalist, stolen country that we all call the United States of America. Now I don't condone his act, but I can rationalize his decisions, and see where he's coming from. Nobody wants to see there family, hungry, homeless, clotheless, not making ends meet, and unfortunately we have people that have to do these "crimes" (Corporations and the public should be very proud that people trying to put clothes on the back of their families is a crime) just to sometimes make it day to day. It's very discouraging to know that you all do not know how racist your comments really are; you also fail to see how the jail and prison systems work, how they are dominated by "minority" or "ethnic" people, because of unjust laws that have been created to satisfy and give an upper hand to people of European descent, and that have also been privatized to further add to this white privelage. You also fail to look at how greatly we are impacted by these "illegal" immigrants. They do the jobs that nobody else wants, they get paid wages that nobody else would accept, they do not have protection if needed for violence done against them, they cannot get healthcare... they are not provided basic human rights because they are illegal, but the last time I checked (If we want to get technical) if they Europeans that colonized what we now call the USA, had been in todays times, they would have been illegal. Not only did they come here and settle on land that was already occupied, they then decided to commit a holocaust against the Native (pre)Americans, created a Holocaust of African Enslavement, and continues to be a place that give predetermined sanctions against a person because of the color of their skin, their gender, religion and sexual orientation. You will never understand this because you don't want to understand this, you don't want to open your eyes to what really happens in this country. It is because of people like you, this this imperialistic, colonization continues. The reason that 90% of the wealth in this country belongs to 5% of the people. The reason that most of the people in this country cannot make ends meet, and thats poor white people included. It's a shame that we don't have mroe people fighting the cause, than people fighting against it. I don't believe that you've ever handed anybody their butt on a platter, it would seem to me, that what you consider this, most consider putting yourself on a platter, waiting to be put to shame.


12/6/2008 10:06:56 AM

so...whats this story about again??


12/6/2008 10:33:13 AM

angrynative - ROFL!

visigoth - ROFL!

laughter - Good one, funny.

Other Funny/Sarcastic Commentators - ROFL

Some really funny stuff here.


12/6/2008 11:16:26 AM

jus10eyck - We, as law abiding citizens, and are free to comment on those who choose to break the law.

"...how they are dominated by "minority" or "ethnic" people, because of unjust laws that have been created to satisfy and give an upper hand to people of European descent, and that have also been privatized to further add to this white privelage."

I don't know where to even begin. Your post is a rambling jumble of incomplete thoughts. How high are you?


12/6/2008 11:24:54 AM

Need a dab of Loctite to keep the nuts from slipping off.


12/6/2008 11:49:23 AM

987654321, I agree.

I havent't laughed this loud in a long time.


12/6/2008 11:53:29 AM

Wrongmont ... so pathetic. I'd be seriously worried if I owned property there. The market's bad enough all by itself, but then you have this kind of stuff going on? Why would anyone live ther? Seriously?


12/6/2008 12:08:01 PM

Schlongmont, Wrongmont, Bongmont..... the news would be very boring without it.


12/7/2008 1:35:28 AM