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BOULDER, Colo. -

Kamtin Mohager lives a double life in the music business.

The local performer's making a name for his solo act The Chain Gang of 1974 -- and he's now playing bass for Boulder break-out duo 3OH!3.

Mohager will back up 3OH!3's entire Warped Tour run, but Thursday night, he wants to show off his own brand of music at the Fox Theatre.

"It's going to be phenomenal playing with 3OH!3," Mohager said. "It will be like a two-month vacation with two of my best friends in the world.

"I'm just going to be juggling two bands. I've been playing since I was 16 and Chain Gang is my solo project."

Mohager wanted to fuse some of his favorite musical sounds into his solo act. The Chain Gang of 1974 mixes up an emotive blend of punk, electronic and funk, and the music's struck a chord within the electro music scene.

"I really wanted to create this punk, rock and electro extravaganza," Mohager said. "My tastes are so diverse -- they go from Ryan Adams to Oasis.

"I love all kinds of music and I'm always changing things up. I never want to do the same material twice."

Mogaher started off as a solo artist, but now he's developed his act into a trio. The full Chain Gang of 1974 will play the Fox.

"There will be three of us," Mogaher said. "We have drums, percussion and bass guitar. We also have lots of synthesizers and backing tracks -- this band is very beat-oriented.

"This band is very organic sounding.


A lot of electro music is so overdone."

Mogaher is also proud of his newest CD, Mad Paranoid.

"I spent over a year working on the record," Mogaher said. "Finally, I'm happy with it. I think it really represents to the world what this music is all about."

Signal Path

Keeping in electronic music mode, Signal Path will headline the Fox on Saturday.

Signal Path has been recognized as a pioneer act in the electro world. The band has been known to push the genre's boundaries to the outer limits.

"We've basically incorporated live instruments into electronic music," guitarist Ryan Bennett said. "We have live drums and guitar, and then we program in other sounds."

Signal Path had been on hiatus, but now the band is back with a vengeance.

"We have a new record that can be downloaded from our Web site on July 15," Bennett said. "We want to let our fans know that we're back.

"We're doing this show on late notice, so we're going to keep the ticket price low at the Fox."

Signal Path fans will be able to buy $5 advance tickets. The tickets are $10 at the door.

VIDEO: The Chain Gang of 1974 - "Let's Make it Tonight"

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