Who: Bring It On Bowling Bowl, with Flobots vs. The Fray

When: 6 p.m. Friday

Where: Lucky Strike Lanes, 415 S. Teller St., Lakewood

Cost: $100.


The Flobots and The Fray will be duking it out in the ultimate battle of the bands on Friday.

Both bands have been busy warming up, because this contest isn't going to involve their musical skills. Yes, The Flobots and The Fray will be going head-to-head in a bowling competition.

Friday's event is dubbed the Bring It On Bowling Bowl, and it's being held at the Lucky Strike Lanes in Lakewood's Belmar shopping center. The celebrated local bands have invited fans to participate in the bowling party to raise money for the community aid organization Flobots.org.

The Flobots have been busy recording a new album, but the band's taking time off to participate in the tournament.

"Some of us in the band are bowlers," Flobots guitarist Andy Guerrero said "We thought that bowling to raise money would be a fun event to do and it would raise money for our nonprofit group.

"Isaac (Slade) from The Fray and I are good friends and we really support each other's bands. So, we asked The Fray if they'd like to bowl, play some ping-pong and hang out to help Flobots.org."

The Bring It On Bowling Bowl will be offering a very unique party for the local music crowd.

Fans and the general public will be able to bowl, play ping-pong, enjoy drinks and appetizers -- and party down with the Flobots and The Fray.

"For a $100 ticket you can hang out with the bands and get some free food," Guerrero said. "We're also going to have more special guests. Nathan Maxwell from Flogging Molly and some of the Nuggets will be there, too.

"You can spend a fun Friday night and help out a good cause."

Guerrero said he's ready for a bowling competition with The Fray.

"I'm a pretty decent bowler and I'll be bringing my A-game," Guerrero said. "It's obvious The Flobots are going to win against The Fray.

"However, I wouldn't want to go up against Joe King (of The Fray) in the ping-pong match. He has some pretty decent skills and he's pretty serious about the game."

The Fray goes bowling tonight with The Flobots.
The Fray goes bowling tonight with The Flobots. ( RICHARD DREW )

Guerrero said that Flobots.org will use the money raised to forward its nonprofit organization. This group's serious about demonstrating how bands can promote community activity and change.

The group just opened up the Flobots.org Community Center at 2705 Larimer St., Denver, to host its community work. The organization helps the community with everything from school arts to voter registration programs.

"We really want Flobots.org to be a resource for Denver," Guerrero said. "It's all about empowering music fans to make positive social change."

The Flobots also are putting a lot of energy into their new record.

The local band made a national splash with its debut CD, Fight With Tools. That's why the Flobots want to come out of the gate with an impressive new album.

"We just got finished recording the second album," Guerrero said. "We worked on it with producer Mario Caldato -- he did all the Beastie Boys' records.

"We've never worked with a producer before, but Mario totally got what our band's about and he got the best performances out of us. He helped us make some pretty awesome new stuff."

Guerrero said Flobots' fans will see another side of the band on the new record.

"We've taken it up another level musically," Guerrero said. "We've all grown as a band and as songwriters. We changed things up a bit, but its still a Flobots' record."

The Flobots pulled back from playing local concerts this year, because the group's been so busy in the studio. The band really focused on its new album, and spent six months writing and recording the CD.

2010 is just around the corner, and The Flobots are ready to take their hip-hop fusion party back on the road.

"We're hoping to play some smaller rooms soon to get the dust off," Guerrero said. "Then, we'll hit the ground running in 2010. We have a big year coming up.

"I think the fans will like the new songs -- we're excited to keep growing with our fans."