You love them, you`re glad they`re visiting, but you don`t know what to do with them when they get here -- your family and friends who don`t hike, ski, climb or bike.

Your "indoor" friends.

Well, I don`t know what to do with them either, and I have some indoor visitors this weekend who don`t give a flying flip about freshies at Vail, or whether the ice in the national park is in, out or spicy.

So I solicited my fellow outdoorsy types for ideas for what to do with our beloved indoor friends from non-mountainous lands:

Go Urban: Remember that city just south of here? Oh yeah. Denver. If the Museum of Contemporary Art and the U.S. Mint seem passe, resist your urge to go to the REI flagship store and go somewhere kitschy, like the Molly Brown House Museum (, or look for ghosts at (supposedly) haunted Cheeseman Park.

For dinner, head to Denver`s oldest restaurant, the Buckhorn Exchange ( for Rocky Mountain Oysters. Hope you`re OK with taxidermy; elk heads will watch you eat.

And thanks to friend Matt for the Buckhorn suggestion and the next: roller derby. The roller girls are just as tough as your freeskier pals; they don`t huck cliffs, but they do body check.

Bouts start again in March; try DU hockey in the meantime for something equally rough and entertaining.

Boulder Brew Tour: Colorado is the microbrew capital of the world.


I can`t substantiate that statement, but doesn`t it seem true? I believed it when my inbox was flooded with beer-related suggestions for indoor-friend activities.

Good news: You can stay in Boulder for this one, which is extra good news since you`ll be cabbing it if you try to hit all of these, lush. Asher Brewing Company is Boulder`s newest brewery; also choose from Avery, Boulder Beer, Boulder Draft House, Mountain Sun, Twisted Pine and Upslope.

For something completely different, try Redstone Meadery. If you try all of these in one day, try AA too, OK?

Anyskitown, U.S.A.: There`s more going on in Colorado`s ski towns than skiing.

Your indoor friends and/or family are not into human-powered sports, and it might be a stretch to take them snowmobiling, sleigh riding or dogsledding, anyway. But try something new. It could be more fun than skiing.

Throw a party: My friend Judy decided to throw a massive chili cook-off the weekend her mom came to visit and conveniently had someone to help her clean up before and after. Brilliant.

Indoor friends and family, meet outdoor friends, extended family. No reason the two can`t come together to appreciate your awesomeness from multiple perspectives.