For University of Colorado students, the spring semester's finally over -- and the long-awaited, three-month summer vacation is now underway.

Friends, parties, traveling and relaxation are top priorities on many students' summer to-do lists. That is, for those who don't need to find gainful seasonal employment -- and fast.

Well, for those needing to haul in a little extra cash this summer, how about dropping those cashier positions at local grocery stores and skipping the fast food jobs in favor of gigs that are as enjoyable as they are rewarding?

Check out one of these five job possibilities -- and spend the summer far away from the gloomy gray walls of an office cubicle.

Cruise ship server

So your only previous experience has been waiting tables? Well, put those skills to work.

Instead of serving at the local Chili's, cruise through summer waiting for Carnival Cruise Lines. You'll spend a few hours a day making some great tips. You know those people are going to be generous -- they're on a freakin' cruise.

Plus you'll get to sail the Caribbean or jump from one port to another along the gorgeous Mexican coast.

And at the end of the summer you'll come back with a great tan and some extra cash.


Adventure guide

Spend you summer rafting down the Arkansas River or fishing Dream Stream.

By working as a guide you can experience Colorado in a whole new light. Spend your days playing in the unique terrain of the Rockies -- and get paid for it.

You never had time to explore the state during classes and the weekends were never long enough. Take advantage of your summer freedom and discover the outdoor odyssey that's been right here in your backyard all along.


Event staff

Get paid to rock out! Join an event staff -- such as Argus, which works concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre -- and spend your summer at one of the world's best concert venues.

Not only are you getting paid to be there, but you get to see some amazing shows.

Plus you could hang on to this job into the fall in case there's a can't-miss show nearby or you need to keep a steady cash flow.


Mystery shopper

Here it is ladies: If you like to shop, this job might just be a perfect fit.

Mystery shoppers go to local businesses, like retail stores and restaurants, and then give feedback on their experiences. Instead of complaining on Facebook about the terrible service you had last night or pumping up the new clothing store downtown, do it for cash.

By the time school starts back up you'll know the best places to eat, drink and shop. Your friends will be impressed with your savvy skills.


Start your own business

The economy is already tough and now you have to find a seasonal job in an impossible market. Stop waiting for someone to hire you and start your own summer business.

You can mow, baby-sit or paint, right? Then you've got yourself a summer job.

Us social media sites or easy blogs to set up a promotional page and start telling your neighbors to pass the word along. In no time, you'll be your own boss, setting your own schedule and deciding your own pay.