Streaking and vandalism marked the Fairview-Boulder cross-town rivalry, with one student arrested and several others ticketed Friday despite administrators' efforts to curb bad behavior by moving up the kickoff time.

Before the football game even started, a Boulder High School student was arrested on suspicion of spray-painting graffiti outside Fairview High School around 3 a.m. Friday, causing thousands of dollars in damage and prompting Boulder High's principal to visit Fairview and apologize to the student body. Several other students may end up charged in the case.

Then, at the beginning of the fourth quarter Friday night, a Fairview High School student streaked the length of Recht Field and was tackled by police and school security.

Fairview won the game 10-7.

In an attempt to curb the poor sportsmanship and bad behavior that's long been associated with the cross-town rivalry game -- including streaking on the field in 2007 and 2008 -- Boulder Valley School District administrators moved the game's start time from 7 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Michele DeBerry, director of athletics and activities for the district, said the hope was that the change would cut down on the "aggressive, under-the-cover-of-night behavior."

After the game, officials said they were disappointed about the streaking incident but thought the earlier start time did help.

"It helped a little bit," Boulder High School Athletic Director Melissa Warfield said. "The kids were a little better behaved in the light. When it got dark, it got a little rougher. Overall, the crowd did a pretty good job on both sides."

A Fairview High School student streaks across Recht Field in Boulder at the start of the fourth quarter against Boulder High on Friday.
A Fairview High School student streaks across Recht Field in Boulder at the start of the fourth quarter against Boulder High on Friday. ( Jeremy Papasso )

Fairview Athletic Director Frank Lee said he was generally pleased with how the game went.

"There was a lot of cooperation between both schools," he said. "Both student bodies did a great job and let the focus be on the game."

Boulder police Sgt. Jim MacPherson said the streaker, whose name was not released because he's 16, was issued a ticket for public nudity, a municipal offense that does not require registration as a sex offender.

MacPherson said officers also wrote five tickets for underage drinking during the game, but there were no serious fights or other problems.

"We were pretty vigilant," MacPherson said of the six officers who worked the game.

The vandalism before the game carries potentially harsher consequences.

Boulder police said the vandalism suspect, whose name hasn't been released because he's also a juvenile, spray-painted graffiti outside Fairview, 1515 Greenbriar Blvd., with as many as three to five other male Boulder High students about 3 a.m.

Cmdr. Kim Stewart said police arrested the 17-year-old student on suspicion of criminal mischief, and officers are still investigating the possible involvement of other students.

Boulder High Principal Kevin Braney said he found out about the extensive graffiti when Fairview Principal Don Stensrud called first thing Friday morning. School officials and police narrowed down the suspects with the help of other students, he said.

Braney, along with Boulder High's student body and student council presidents, went to Fairview during the lunch hour Friday to talk to students and officials there about the graffiti. Stensrud and Braney then talked to all the Fairview students over the intercom.

"I addressed the Fairview student body to apologize to the students personally," Braney said.

Boulder High staff and police next week will continue investigating the vandalism, which amounted to thousands of dollars in damage, he said. The students involved also will face school sanctions.

"They wrote inappropriate things -- some Boulder High things -- that are not representative of 99 percent of the kids here," Braney said.

The graffiti was by the main entrance and on other walls, and Braney said the students wrote "Go Boulder High" on Fairview's turf field. Much of the graffiti appeared to have been cleaned by Friday evening, but the letters "BHS" still marked concrete barriers outside the school.

Boulder Valley School District spokesman Briggs Gamblin said more than one maintenance worker spent the day trying to clean up the widespread damage.

Camera Sports Writer Christopher Shelton contributed to this report.

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