You still have a little bit of time left to find a Halloween costume -- or change it altogether.

If you have any of the following ideas already in the bag, then it's time to go shopping again. These costumes are all over-hyped and overdone. They're just plain over.


1. Playboy Bunny

OK, it may be a "classic," but only if you get the real deal. Calling lingerie and bunny ears a costume is lazy. Not to mention severely overdone.

2. Sexy insects

For some reason, people think bees and ladybugs are sexy -- but they're everywhere. Chances are, at least five other girls will have the same costume. "Bee" more creative.

3. School girl

Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" video was hot about 10 years ago. Stop it.

4. Sarah Palin

We get it, people like to make fun of "Sexy Sarah." But now you're getting into the realm of catering to her ego with the popularity of this costume over recent years. Go for something more sophisticated -- like Hillary Clinton's power suit.

5. French maid

Unless you know fluent French, this is just slutty. Sorry, but the fact you're willingly catering to many a man's "fantasy" is just gross.



1. Spartan from '300'

Most of you don't have abs or pecs like Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, so we don't want to see you caped and shirtless. The Sparta look is done. Put your swords away boys.

2. 'Jersey Shore' guidos

Speaking of "The Situation," we know there are gonna be tons of "Jersey Shore" boys running around this year. Use your collegiate noggins and be more creative. However, Ed Hardy would probably appreciate your business.

3. Captain Jack Sparrow

Unless you truly are Johnny Depp, there's no way this costume is that awesome. The fourth movie is already in production, so this idea needs to be thrown overboard.

4. Heath Ledger's 'Joker'

Yes, everyone loved "The Dark Knight," and most women dearly appreciate any tribute to Mr. Ledger, but this costume is old news. And we're serious.

5. Any superhero

You're not 11 anymore, you're in college. Grow up. Sorry.