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The university is encouraging students to visit a counselor in Counseling and Psychological Services for support.

CAPS has a 24-hour hotline at 303-492-6766.

Walk-in hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Center for Community on the fourth floor.

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The Boulder County Coroner's Office has identified the University of Colorado student found dead in his dorm room Sunday as 20-year-old sophomore Tyler Stevenson.

The cause and manner of death have yet to be determined, the Coroner's Office said Tuesday. CU police said they think the cause was medical, and university officials said foul play and contagious disease can be ruled out.

"Despite rumors, he did not have meningitis or any symptoms," said university spokesman Bronson Hilliard. "He had no kind of illness, including the flu, that we were aware of."

Stevenson spoke with university administration Friday about academic issues and "by all accounts seemed perfectly healthy," Hilliard said.

Stevenson, of Parker, Colo., lived alone on the second floor of Baker Hall in a single room on the southeast side of the building, according to residents.


"I don't think a lot of people knew him," said CU freshman Catherine Compton. "From what I hear, he was pretty quiet and kept to himself."

University officials said Stevenson was an undecided major who spent much of his time playing intramural hockey and participating in a video game development club at CU.

Baker Hall Director Megan Harris said she would not comment on the specifics of the incident or about Stevenson's character.

"I don't feel like it's my place to go into someone's personal life," Harris said.

Students said it's not common to know everyone in your residence hall or even on your floor, so it didn't seem strange that he was quiet and relatively unknown by residents.

Compton said she was particularly nervous after she heard the news because she also lives alone in a single unit in Baker Hall.

"I brought it up at dinner last night to my friends," Compton said. "I told them 'if you don't see me for several days come and check.' It's just scary to think no one would know."

Stephanie Pyne, a CU freshman and Baker Hall resident, said her boyfriend lived across the hall from Stevenson.

On Saturday, residents began to report a "weird smell" on the floor and an investigation began Sunday, according to residents. Pyne said Stevenson's resident adviser found the body Sunday and has "taken it very hard since he feels responsible for the students in his hall."

University officials would not confirm any details about the incident.

The time of death has not been determined.

Baker Hall residents were notified of the incident by e-mail Monday afternoon from Harris.

"A Baker resident passed away sometime last weekend in their room in Baker," Harris wrote in the e-mail. "We do not know their cause of death at this time, but do not suspect any foul play. The student will be greatly missed."

Students said rumors began Sunday night as emergency vehicles arrived at the dorm.

Students living in the same hallway as Stevenson left the building Sunday night with all of them returning to their rooms sometime on Monday, residents said.

"I think at first a lot of people were afraid that he was sick, but after the e-mail Monday everyone started feeling better," said CU freshman Andy Gray.

No further campus communication is expected on the incident, Hilliard said Tuesday.

"In dealing with the death of a student, we try to be as focused as we can in terms of who in the community would have known or been friends or come in contact with the student," Hilliard said. "We target those people for whom the student's passing is a big event and who knew the student."

Shawn Covello, a CU freshman and Baker Hall resident, said after two days of sadness, students seemed to be "back in the swing of things" Tuesday.

"It was really solemn around here yesterday, but I think people are starting to move on now," Covello said. "I think it helps a lot for us to know that we're not in danger and that it was just one of those freak accidents. It's so sad."