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Who: Big Gigantic with Fresh2Death

When: 9 p.m. Friday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St.


www. foxtheatre.com

Big Gigantic's making a whopping impression on the electronic music scene.

The Boulder duo's live blend of pulsating dance beats, deep grooves and improvisational saxophone solos has created a unique dance niche. Now fans around the country are responding to Big Gigantic's innovative beats.

The band's selling out its concerts -- and that includes Friday's stop at the Fox Theatre.

Big Gigantic founders Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken are taking it all in stride.

"We started off with a great Colorado fanbase," Lalli said. "We just hit the pavement pretty hard and this thing keeps growing. That's helped us out tremendously.

"We're striking a chord with people, because we're keeping it fresh and doing something different. We improvise quite a bit and we do special stuff at each show."

Salken and Lalli played numerous gigs together, but the duo wanted Big Gigantic to be an original project.

Lalli serves as the band's saxaphone/keyboard player, DJ and composer. The musician has a Masters degree in performance from the Manhattan School of Music, and he's played and produced with The Motet.


"Jeremy and I were friends, so we always played gigs around town," Lalli said. "There's a lot of music we both love and we had fun playing together.

"I was definitely trying to start a new project -- and Jeremy was the perfect guy for the drumming spot."

In 2008, the duo formed Big Gigantic and set out to create a unique jamtronica outfit.

"We sort of had a vision," Lalli explained. "We definitely wanted to try this and see how we could take this to the next level.

Big Gigantic
Big Gigantic

"We played our first show in 2008. Things kept spiraling from there. It's been a whirlwind ever since."

Lalli noticed a void in the electronic music scene, as few bands used saxophone in their mix. Big Gigantic saw the opportunity to spearhead an electro/sax movement.

"It was pretty obvious -- no electronic band was using a sax as a melody instrument in the forefront," Lalli said. "We wanted to create a style we could call our own. We wanted to have the sax, soloing and improvisation in the mix.

"Now we definitely draw on a lot of different musical styles. We use drum and bass and dub-step, but Big Gigantic is more song-oriented. We keep it pretty melodic, but we still hit it pretty hard."

Big Gigantic relies heavily on melodies and keeps the music strictly instrumental.

"It is quite the live mixing trick," Lalli said. "I create loops we improvise over -- it makes the DJ music breathe more. We use laptops on stage, but the sax and drums are live."

Big Gigantic's unusual sound mix caught the attention of STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9). The rocking electronic band signed the band to its 1320 label.

Then, Big Gigantic earned more kudos with its remix of Chiddy Bang's "Opposite of Adults (Kids)."

The local act's touring behind its newest CD, A Place Behind the Moon. The album captures the band's latest electro soundscapes.

"The record came out last October," Lalli said. "We were trying to develop our sound, so it's a mix of electronic styles.

"A bunch of the tracks take you on an emotional ride. We have different chord progressions that emote different feelings. This record's a journey that you want to listen to from beginning to end."

Big Gigantic also enticed its fans with free music downloads. The trend's creating instant notoriety in the electronic world.

"Our fanbase just keeps getting bigger," Lalli confirmed. "All our music is available for free online. It's a great outlet to get people listening."

Big Gigantic had the right music at the right time, so 2010 was a busy year for the jamtronica band.

Fox/Boulder Theater talent buyer Ben Baruch manages Big Gigantic. That move helped the band land gigs at Red Rocks, Camp Bisco, Wakarusa and Summer Camp.

The word's out on Big Gigantic, so the band's taking the next leap in its career."We just try to make every show special and different," Lalli said. "We also have new lighting and production rigs. We're planning on making our hometown shows pretty big.

"We're going to tour a lot this year, and keep developing our sound and production. We always want to make something new, different and fresh. We're excited about the future!"