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Who: Xavier Rudd with Honeyhoney

When: Friday at 8 p.m.

Where: Ogden Theatre, 935 E. Colfax Ave., Denver

Cost: $28-$30


It's been five years since Xavier Rudd brought his solo show to the states. Now, the Aussie musician's ready to share his latest CD, Koonyum Sun, with Colorado fans.

Friday, Rudd brings his Tap Root tour to the Ogden Theatre. This artist always sells out his shows, so get your tickets early.

"It has been five years since I played solo in America," Rudd said. "I haven't done that for awhile because I've been touring with my band. It's definitely a challenge to play solo, but that's how I started out."

Over the years, Rudd has been refining his brand of world music. The Australian musician has a knack for fusing elements of reggae, funk, folk and blues into his soul-searching tunes.

The musician's also a socially conscious guy, so lyrics about the environment and indigenous people always pop up in his songs.

"I just write what I feel -- and my music is reflection of what I feel," Rudd said. "I feel very connected to a lot of different causes, cultures and the earth. I am on a journey and I write about what I feel on my journey."


Rudd's music is still punctuated by his unique instrumentation, which adds depth and layers to the material.

For starters, the musician's very skilled at playing the didgeridoo. The ancient Australian instrument brings deep and mysterious tones to his songs. In addition, Rudd has been adding some new percussion tricks to the music.

"I made the record Koonyum Sun last year with Lucky Dube's rhythm section," Rudd said. "It was a beautiful record, a great collaboration and it was very powerful.

"This has been the most inspirational musical experience of my life."

The artist's touring behind his latest album, but Rudd's already planning new musical adventures.

"The music's always changing and now I'm writing new music with a completely different sound," Rudd said. "I'll be playing a little bit of it on tour. It's a little more folkie, like my older music.

"I'm also doing new stuff with my percussion and didgeridoo. It's an extension of what I'm doing -- I'm just building on top of that. Music just comes to me and I just see what happens."

Rudd will be creating his new record while he's in the states. The performer plans to work on the tunes at sound checks and test them out on his audiences. Fans can expect the new album in early 2012.

The Australian artist is also promoting several environmental causes on this tour.

Rudd has a soft spot in his heart for the Save The Kimberley cause. The endangered area is located in Western Australia, and it's being threatened by the gas industry and industrial developments.

"This is a very important cause," Rudd said. "This is a very sacred part of Australia and it's being threatened by a huge, devastating gas plant. That could change the face of that land and culture."

The musician's encouraging fans to check out

Rudd has a lot on his plate, but he's excited to play Colorado.

"I'll be playing a lot of different songs in Denver," Rudd said. "I'll be doing songs that I wouldn't do with a band. It will be good to get back to the roots."