Last fall, University of Colorado administrators discovered a flaw in the campus's eco-friendly practices: cell phone dead zones.

As the university continues multiple construction projects across campus, LEED Certified buildings are making cell phone reception more difficult. The green buildings have improved insulation and UV filtering windows which are effecting reception across campus.

The university is currently working with service providers to improve campus reception, but for now, here are the top five dead zones on campus.

1 Economics Building

Crunching numbers? Don't bother using an online calculator on your smartphone because this building will suck the life from your phone as it struggles to find service. One student said it's not just the classrooms that are without reception but the front of building, too. Bring your pocket calc to this study session.

2 Engineering Center

Some say it's just the basement. Others can't get service anywhere in the building. Either way if you're in the Engineering Center you're bound to drop a call or 12. Be specific when planning a meeting place here with your study group or you may never find them.


3 Norlin Library

It's supposed to be quiet in the library anyway, right? Well in this case you couldn't be the obnoxious person talking on your cell phone if you tried. Texts will linger in limbo and calls -- what calls? The good news is you can still check your Facebook and e-mails if you connect to the university WiFi.

4 Underground

Basements have sketchy service anyway, but here it seems like there's no hope. Basements are often good study spots because, like Norlin, there's not many people talking on their phones due to lack of service. Well, except for that one guy who keeps yelling "can you hear me now?" into his phone, thinking the sheer volume of his voice will get through.

5 An alternative

Switch services. Many students said they have little or no problem with Verizon and Sprint services on campus. Others said Boulder has different dead zones everyday, no matter what service you have. If you're desperate, ask around and see who has service on campus and try a switch. Otherwise, suck it up! You're there to learn anyway, right?