Yesterday, the Colorado Daily called out to some interesting tweets from University of Colorado students, including one that said his finals week consists of GTL: gym, toke, library.

What a wholesome addition to the CU hashtag collection in the Twitterverse!

Another tweep called his own version of GTL: gym, telemark, library.

That guy's totally getting a job when he graduates.

All of these TLAs (three-letter acronyms) can get downright confusing. A word of advice: When you hear GTL, don't assume it refers to the classic “Jersey Shore” gym, tan, laundry. People are owning GTL and making it their own, right here in Boulder, on the shores of rock and snow and 300 days of sun resulting in goggle tans.

For example, in Boulder, GTL could be spelling out one of the following:

Grind, Toddy, Luke: This is what your pal Haley does every weekend when she goes to Keystone to snowboard with her boyfriend, Luke. After a day of grinding rails and jibbing and whatnot in the terrain park, they apres with hot toddies and then make out in front of the whole crew -- which makes everyone uncomfortable, so they drink more -- before practically “jibbing” in public. Really, this one should be called GTLTG. Or GTTLTT. Or GT, seriously, Haley, you're doing that -- another T, please! -- here at the table? That's disgusting. TTT.

Go-To Lube: This one applies to cyclists and skateboarders.


I'm talking about your chain. Not Haley and Luke. Or we could be talking about that. That's your business. Hey, it's a dry climate. I mean for bikes. Whatever.

GoPro, Telluride, Legbrace: The reply your friends gave last winter when they ran into someone who asked, "Hey, where's Rory?" Refers to an incident last winter when you were hucking big for your GoPro helmet cam (the Rory's GoBig GoPro YouTube channel was going to be the sickest, you were totally going to get sponsored!) at Telluride too early in the season and, whoops, thin cover, CrashBig, you spent most of the winter crutching around campus while your friends skied without you.

Guruji, Tantra, Lululemon: What your woo-woo, mystical, yoga-doin' roommate says is responsible for her chill, enlightened demeanor and lovely figure in yoga pants. (You have to admit -- those Lulu pants are booty-tastic. How do they make everyone's 'donk look so good?!?) But you know the truth and have your own version of the acronym for her: Ganja, Tequila, Lulu (those pants are still fierce!).

Geek, Train, Love:
This is what you do when you totally geek out with gadgets for your sport, like wattage-obsessed cyclists with power meters, or skiers or snowboarders who memorize their mountain stats on EpicMix, and then train like a mofo for that sport because let's face it, it's all for the love of it.