University of Colorado senior Andy Remnant wandered around a well-lit, two-bedroom apartment in Landmark Lofts on Thursday morning.

"I like that it has the extra half bath upstairs," Remnant said.

This is the fourth unit Remnant has viewed over the winter break and with only a week until spring classes start, he is almost ready to sign a lease.

Remnant is just one of the CU students who waited until the last minute to nail down their housing for this spring, said Keith Zittle, relocation specialist for Housing Helpers.

"I've helped at least five students in the past couple of weeks find places," Zittle said.

With a new semester quickly approaching, students are scrambling to solidify their plans.

Remnant said he's been living with his parents for the past few months and decided to venture out on his own this spring. After finding a roommate during the fall semester, Remnant said the pair was planning to move into a new complex this month but after several delays the complex is still not finished, leaving them with winter break to find a new pad.

After a few weeks of internet searches and showings, Remnant said he's seen a few good options and after discussing the possibilities with his roommate -- who won't return to Boulder until later in the week -- he's hoping to sign a lease in the next few days.


"We actually had some pretty good options," Remnant said. "We really just want something decent that's close to campus and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms."

Zittle said while there are fewer options for students searching mid-year, there are still plenty of good opportunities, including some with cheaper rent.

The Landmark Loft unit is new and is available immediately with a short lease ending in August, Zittle said.

"They want to get a full year lease signed by students for next year, so because it's a shorter lease now, they're offering it at a lower price," Zittle said.

Other students already have a place to stay and are searching for a roommate to share their rent.

CU graduate student Hao-Chu Yang lives in a two-bedroom apartment about a mile from campus and is hoping to find a female roommate to fill her extra room.

"I had a roommate but she graduated in December," Yang said. "I thought someone was going to move it but she changed her mind so now I'm looking for someone else."

Yang said she can afford to stay put until her lease ends in May without a roommate but she would prefer to find someone to split the costs.

Ralphie's List -- an online listing of off-campus housing for CU students -- launched a new feature in December intended to help students like Yang find a roommate to help pay the bills.

Michelle Willett, marketing publications coordinator for CU's Off-Campus Housing and Neighborhood Relations, said there are nearly 100 postings on the site from students looking for a roommate for the spring.

For students living with roommates, Willett recommends signing a roommate agreement, detailing how much of the costs each party will be responsible for paying.

"The agreement is legally binding so it can be used in court if needed," Willett said. 

Willett said while they suggest students get an early start on their housing search, it's not too late to find something for the spring.

"If anyone in a panic, come into our office and speak to one of our student staff at front desk to narrow their options," Willett said.

The key to finding something quickly is flexibility, Zittle said. Options are available but the search will be easier if students are open-minded about what they want and need, he said.