There's a lot of fretting over the survival of pure rock ‘n' roll lately, but Howler's America Give Up should be enough reassurance for the biggest cynics.

Howler's debut album is drawing comparisons to The Strokes, and it's pretty evident why on “Wailing (Making Out),” but the music is definitely different enough to stand as its own thing. 

The record opens with the delightfully titled “Beach Sluts,” which starts off innocently on a simple clapping beat and builds into a grungy guitar frenzy. The guitar riff on “This One's Different” is super catchy, and lead singer Jordan Gatesmith's voice sounds a bit Ramones-ish. The group slows it down a bit on “Too Much Blood” and “Free Drunk” (these song titles are just great), but for the most part it's an uptempo, fuzzed-out rock record.

Howler is currently streaming the whole album on its website. Check it out and turn it up.