If you go
What: Lindsay and The Lost Caravan
When: 9 p.m. Thursday
Where: The Laughing Goat Coffehouse, 1709 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-440-4628
Cost: free

Lindsay Meredith was doing the solo singer/songwriter thing for a while, but she got bored, so she took time off from performing to record an album. Now she's back with a new sound and a new band.

“[Playing solo] was fun but it wasn't really satisfying me, it wasn't really my style of music,” Meredith said. “So I took some time off and removed myself from what I was doing. I experimented with blues, pop, even hard rock, but none of it really stuck with me.”

What finally stuck was the gypsy jazz she'd been listening to as background music. With those melodies and rhythms in her head, she brought in a band and created her own take on the genre. The band goes by “The Lost Caravan” and the sound is gypsy rock.

“Gypsy rock is a term that I kind of came up with. It's a blend of acoustic pop rock and gypsy jazz,” Meredith said. “Gypsy jazz is a mix of jazz and swing. You're gonna get a great uptempo feel. I like to mix pop vocals with some fun upbeat rhythms, and then add in gypsy jazz flavors via guitar, violin, upright bass, drums, etc.


Backing Meredith, who sings lead and plays guitar, are Travis Daudert on guitar, Juli Royster on upright bass, Jared Forqueran on drums, and two alternating violinists, Aubrea Alford and Brett O'Mara. At some point Meredith hopes to bring in an accordion and keys, but for now she's still adjusting to working with a larger group and a new genre.

“I know there are different groups that play music that is gypsy jazz style as well, however the style that I'm now doing -- the gypsy pop, gypsy rock -- that's not around as much,” she said.
Lindsay Meredith
Lindsay Meredith
“I tried to come up with something really that was my own, that felt good, where I could impart my talents as a singer and my love for the music.”

In the next few months, Lindsay and The Lost Caravan have a show or two almost every week. The first single, “You Don't Know Me,” off the upcoming EP is already out and the rest of the songs are being wrapped up in the studio now.

“Hopefully this really takes off, we've had a really fantastic response so far,” Meredith said. “A little bit of it was experimental, but we got into some new things with the gypsy rock stuff toward the end. I'm striving for catchy melodies and kind of, you know, seductive, fun vocals.”

The group's next gig is tonight at the Laughing Goat, but there are tons of chances to catch them in the next few months. Between now and March 23, they've got three shows in Boulder and five in Denver. So if you're an old fan, or still not sure what the hell gypsy rock is, have a look at the schedule and head to a show.