I am writing because I feel compelled to respond to Mary L. Chavers condemnation (Sept. 19) of Christy Fantz's columns. Ms. Chavers' schoolmarmish finger-wagging gives a bad name to leftists (like me); it's tiresome and irritating. The standards of sexuality she presented in her letter would be so narrow and inaccessible that they would end up squeezing the life right out of sex. To make matters worse, the examples she gives from Fantz's columns seem to say just the opposite of what Chavers thinks they say. Rather than encouraging college kids to become little sexual psychopaths, the quotes from Fantz remind us that those who are too arrogant and pushy are not going to get any sex at all. That's a rather sobering thought.

I would like to make a couple of points. In the first place, nothing in Fantz's columns encourages people to commit sexual assault and discrimination. Secondly, I find it hard to believe that anyone perusing a portion of Fantz's oeuvre will be traumatized to the point that they will need to cry on the shoulder of a well-meaning therapist, as Chavers seems to imply.

In her columns, Fantz comes across as a real human being. And she is HILARIOUS. I assume that she enjoys writing her column as much as her fans enjoy reading them. Christy, lebe hoch!

Joseph E. Collins