alexandra sieh

W ell, it looks like the inner-nerd -- or lover of the odd -- gets to party this weekend.

Scouring through my usual sources for this column, each event I found had its own little twist. Who can't relate to the odd and out-of-the-ordinary?

Lord knows I can.

My friends hate the word, but I'm quirky and I like it.

Examples? My friend and I have had entire nights dedicated to Disney Princess fun. I've longed for the chance to watch all three "Lord of the Rings" movies -- or better yet, all six "Star Wars" -- in one sitting. I've gotten in heated debates about how they messed up the "Harry Potter" movies. Yes, I've seen them all, and the books are better.

Care to join me in this nerd-tastic revelry?

Well here's a few quick hits of events that may be right up your alley.

First up, the farthest one away. Nederland's Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery are hopped up on beer. As the newly-dubbed "beer writer," I'm here to tell you that their Hoptoberfest looks like a great way to embrace the beer lovin'.

Working with Left Hand Brewing and Equinox Brewing, Saturday's festival's got all the brews you could want, and a DJ there to keep the beats flowing with each delicious mug.

Best part? You strapping young men out there get the chance to David Hasselhoff out, with a chest hair-filled, gelled-up look-alike contest that's giving out gift cards good for more drinking shenanigans later.


Info: Hoptoberfest at Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery, 70 East 1st Street, Nederland. Runs from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Call 303-258-9453 for the details.

Not up to Hassel-ing the Hoff? Then head over to Avery for a different ale adventure.

It's another sour beer, and another chance to pucker up for a pint of the Odio Equum, aged for a year in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels to refine that delightfully sour taste.

Saturday's release party will be rife with rare brews, food and a chance to stock up on all of it for those who head over with a little cash in hand.

Info: Odio Equum Release Party at Avery Brewing, 5763 Arapahoe Avenue. Runs from 4 to 8 p.m.

On Saturday, nerd out at the Boulder Book Store -- one of my favorite places -- is hosting a Star Wars Reads day. It's got games, trivia, crafts, prizes and snacks, and for those of you who really geek out with it, a chance to wear your costumes and unite with other like-minded Jedi fans.

Could be fun, and a bit closer to home than a galaxy far, far away.

Info: Boulder Book Store's Star Wars Reads day, 1107 Pearl St.

Before you head off to your weekend stupor, don't forget, the Walrus has its October DJPetey mix tape out for everyone, and a serious case of live music fun lined up for tonight. Rock out with The Goonies at 10:30 p.m. and knock back a $3 Stoke and Coke.

And right down the road, Chicago's Paul Anthony -- an apparently big name in the DJ scene -- is bumping the beats Saturday night at Shooters, 1801 13th St. Could be a chance for you real club lovers to dance it out.

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