University of Colorado seniors Natalie Casey and Landon Shumaker said they felt like kids on Christmas day as they stood on the floor of the Coors Event Center Thursday waiting to see President Barack Obama up close.

As Thursday night's campus rally marks Obama's third visit to CU this year, the pair of political science majors said they attended both of Obama's previous appearances -- one in April at the Coors Events Center and one over Labor Day Weekend on the Norlin Quad.

Casey and Shumaker said they were the super excited about this presidential visit after scoring last-minute VIP tickets.

"I heard they were giving them away, so I went out as soon as my midterm was over to get some," Casey said. "They were already done, but I spotted one of those golf carts with all the Obama signs and chased them down and begged for some."

The student supporters said the hype around the president's third visit to campus wasn't as enthusiastic as his prior visits, but Shumaker said that didn't bring them down.

"A lot of people are saying they've already made up their minds or even voted already," Shumaker said. "I don't think he's going to change anyone's mind at this point, but it's still the leader of the free world speaking on my campus, so I'm going to be there."

Shumaker said the topics Obama covered Thursday may not be as interesting to the student demographic as they were in April, when the president spoke about issues like loan reform and job creation.

But, Casey said regardless of the topic, it's worth the hassle she had to go through to attend all three events.


"There's a lot of waiting," Casey said. "Waiting in line for tickets, then waiting in line to get in, and then waiting for him to come out -- it ends up being an all-day waiting game."

The students said they learned a few things the first two times and adapted to make the third experience better. Casey said she was prepared for the lines Thursday with homework in hand to keep her busy. .

Casey said she didn't mind waiting since it's part of the fun of political events and it helps build enthusiasm.

"It's like a concert," Casey said. "It's awesome getting to see all the Secret Service and security people.

"Then you know Obama's a rock star."

The students agreed that seeing the president for the first time comes with a unique excitement, but being in the same room with him never gets old.

"People definitely seem to be over it this time around, but this is something you'll always remember no matter how many times you see the president," Shumaker said. "I'm really excited and I'll continue to support him any time I can."