Kathleen Chippi
Kathleen Chippi

The Boulder County District Attorney's Office is investigating a complaint by an opponent of Amendment 64 who claims proponents of the measure -- which would legalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana in Colorado -- have misrepresented the measure by saying it would treat marijuana "like alcohol."

Katlheen Chippi, a longtime marijuana activist from Nederland, filed the complaint on Oct. 15. Catherine Olguin with the Boulder DA's Office confirmed there is an open investigation into the complaint, but that a decision on the case would not be reached until after the election.

It is illegal to mislead Colorado voters under Colorado Revised Statute.

Mason Tvert, a proponent of Amendment 64, said in a statement, "The Title Board and the campaign mutually agreed to remove the phrase, 'in a manner similar to alcohol,' from the ballot question, as it was deemed to be a 'catch phrase,' which had been previously ruled by the courts to not be permitted in ballot titles. But Ms. Chippi doesn't seem to appreciate the difference between a ballot title and campaign messaging. Catch phrases are allowed in campaigns. In fact, that's traditionally just about all that campaigns have ever used.

"We stand by everything we have said during this campaign. Our representation of the initiative has been entirely accurate, as have been the facts we have cited in support of it. If Ms. Chippi wants to be productive, she should be seeking an investigation of the No on 64 campaign, which actually has been misleading on major issues throughout the campaign."

Chippi could not be reached for comment Monday.

Amendment 64 would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana for people 21 and older in Colorado if it passes Tuesday. Marijuana possession would still be illegal under federal law.