A Boulder man is pledging to match the next 50 turkeys donated to the Emergency Family Assistance Association, bird for bird.

Gabriel Fenton heard about the small number of turkeys coming into the organization so far this holiday season and said he'd match the next 50 turkeys donated to EFAA.

"As a kid and an adult, my favorite meal has been Thanksgiving dinner, and the turkey ... is really the key component to that," Fenton said. "So I wanted to do something to allow a few more people to have the same experience."

EFAA Executive Director Terry Benjamin said the donations "will really, really make a difference for the people that come through here the next few days."

People can donate in person at EFAA's food bank, 1575 Yarmouth Ave., Boulder, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Donations can also be made online at tinyurl.com/d8sj73v. Choose "turkey purchase" in the gift description field.