Denver-based trio The Malah will take the stage at the Fox Theatre tonight, ready to impress Boulder with their blend of electronica and live instrumentation. Bassist Elliot Vaughn and guitarist Brandon Maynard trigger beats and samples while they're playing, and drummer Seth Fankhauser provides the extra rhythmic drive behind the kit.

We shot Vaughn some questions via email about The Malah's latest record and how they bring all the elements together on stage.

Tell me a little about Light Forms.

Light Forms is our third studio album released in August 2012. This album was a big project for us, spending over a year writing, recording and producing our first studio release since Sound Spectrum in 2008. The previous years were spent touring the country, and while we actually did write a lot of new songs in that time, we decided to start Light Forms from scratch in 2011 and focus on all new material, which has really worked out well for our live shows because we now have a pretty large library to choose from.
This type of music has gotten really popular in Colorado. What do you think makes The Malah stand out?
We've been playing together for almost 10 years and since the beginning we were experimenting with samplers and electronic sounds.


So we've kind of seen the progression and rise of the live electronic music scene across the country, and we bring a lot of our influences and experiences from that into our music today. I think what really makes our sound stand out is the balance of electronic and instrumental elements that we display live, creating a sound that is often described as very organic yet is still very electronic.
Live electronic music, to me, is all the more impressive when you see it on stage. Tell me a little about what it takes to bring so many elements together for a show.
A lot of preparation and practice. Since we are a trio, it does take some practice to piece together what we create in our studios and put it into a live performance. Sometimes a little bit of trial and error, but the end result is very gratifying, to hear a song take shape in the live setting. It's all about the live experience for us, sharing your music on stage with others is way more fun than the studio.
Are you working on anything new? Or just enjoying playing the last record for a while?
Currently we are compiling a Light Forms remix album featuring some of our favorite artists that we have worked with along the road. And gearing up for our winter tour next year travelling across the South, East Coast, and Midwest.

Tonight's show at the Fox Theatre starts at 9 p.m. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are $12.