About a dozen Boulder High School students and teachers are shaving their heads to spark school excitement about raising money for four non-profits.

The student council came up with the idea, kicking it off last week at a school assembly. At the assembly, senior class president Neil Sandhea, senior Ethan Rosen and school security guard Robbie Jerger all lost their hair as the rest of the school's students cheered them on.

"Shaving my head wasn't that big a deal compared to cancer," Neil said.

Jerger said she wanted to shave her head in honor of two friends who have breast cancer. She said she wasn't nervous to go from shoulder length hair to bald in front of the school because "once I took my glasses off, I couldn't see anyone."

Ethan said he's always had longer hair, but agreed to go bald to honor his grandmother, who died last summer from breast cancer.

"It's doing anything we can to help," he said. "I'm happy I could do it."

The student council has dubbed this week as "awareness week," with a day devoted to each of the nonprofits and a "coin war" between the grades. As more money is raised, more heads will be shaved, organizers promised.

The money raised will go to Colie's Closet, Bal Swan Children's Center, OUT Boulder and the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

"We're really passionate about these charities," said freshman Marley Loveman.

Student Council sponsor Russell Selnau said the students each year raise money to buy turkey dinners and Christmas presents for those in need.


This year, he said, the students wanted to do more.

"Shaving heads is a symbolic gesture for the student body to realize the lengths that our students are willing to go to contribute," he said. "This is a good starting point. We're going to see if we can make it an annual tradition."