Jessica L. Ryan
Jessica L. Ryan

A s I was culling the number of Twitter accounts I follow yesterday, I realized I follow a lot of parody accounts. While most parody accounts on Twitter are fake celebrity accounts, there are quite a few gems out there, too. Add some laughter to your tweet stream and check out these hilarious accounts.

Stats Canada @stats_canada

This account -- which I actually thought was real for longer than I'm proud to admit -- lists "statistics" about Canada and Canadian people. Given that I've spent a total of three hours in Canada, some of it goes over my head... but most of the posts crack me up and warrant an instant retweet from me.

They play off many Canadian stereotypes -- my favorites are the French Canadian ones, since I'm part French Canadian ("French-Canadians are talking about cheese 49% of the time," "In Montréal, Canadiens outnumber Canadians 10:1").

It's also punny ("Dogs outnumber people 4:1 in Labrador") and on top of current events ("73% of Canadian 'Catfish' hoaxes involve someone pretending to be Ryan Gosling").

Fake AP Stylebook @fakeapstylebook

While I love and adore my trusty AP Stylebook, I am a huge fan of this account that totally makes fun of it. On "Cyber Monday" they posted a series of tweets taking "cyber" out of its consumer context and putting it back in its rightful place of the world of online sexytimes ("'a/s/l' on first reference, 'u hot' on subsequent. #CyberMonday," "In addition to age, sex and location, you might want to ask if your partner is a Senator or Representative. #CyberMonday").


While Fake AP Stylebook might not be as useful to journalists as the real thing, it's sure to make you laugh.

Death Star PR @deathstarpr

Fake public relation accounts like @BPGlobalBR bring me endless joy because they're usually based on real companies whose PR teams should probably just give up already -- and they act as BS decoders to tell you what the real tweets actually mean.

But fake PR accounts about fake things are even better.

Enter Death Star PR, which has some great ones like "On behalf of all Star Wars fans, we extend the hand of friendship to Star Trek fans everywhere. The Force choking hand of friendship" and "The White House has rejected the petition to build a Death Star. Oh well. Kickstarter, anyone?"

Twitter doesn't always have to be super serious; following parody accounts can bring a few laughs to your day, lighten your mood and even occasionally trick you into thinking they're real.

While you're following these accounts, make sure you also check out the slew of Hulk parodies (including Drunk Hulk, Feminist Hulk and Jaded Punk Hulk), any sort of #problems accounts (like CU Grl Problems) and Shit Girls Say -- and have a laugh on me.

Jessica Ryan is a senior media studies major at CU. She writes about nerdy things once a week for the Colorado Daily. On Twitter: @JessicaLRyan.