Cassie Taylor.
Cassie Taylor. (Courtesy photo/John Dickey)
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What: Cassie Taylor

When: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday

Where: Boulder Outlook Hotel, 800 28th St., Boulder, 303-443-3322

Cost: free

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W hen we talk about the careers of musicians' children, the influence or even shadow of a parent's success can be touchy. The protégé-progeny want to stand on their own.

Cassie Taylor isn't worried about that. The talented daughter of Boulder trance and blues legend Otis Taylor recognizes her own story as inextricable from her father's, and she's proud.

"Well, my mom calls him my twin," she said. "I think it's just, like, absolutely imperative to the storyline of my life. If it wasn't for him, I would be trying to be an actor or a teacher or something like that. He was the person who really introduced music as a career field that I could not only be successful at, but just make a living at."

Her father's influence is on her next record, Out Of My Mind, in the music she grew up loving. Though the record will get a broad classification as blues, Taylor said she wanted to incorporate other styles that seem a little disparate on the surface, but have a lot in common.


"I use a lot of different influences in music that I've listened to all my life, from psychedelic West African, to classic rock, to industrial metal. I fell in love with so much different music and I didn't want to fall into the basic 12-bar blues."

For those unfamiliar, Taylor described West African psych rock as something similar to trance. It has a "droning, really tinny delayed guitar" and songs usually sit within one key.

Cassie Taylor.
Cassie Taylor. (Courtesy photo/Darren Boucher)

The familial influence goes beyond the records played at home and Taylor's years in her father's band, though. It's in stories behind the songs and it comes from her mother, too. "Lay Your Head On My Pillow," off Out Of My Mind, was written as a 23rd anniversary gift to her parents when she couldn't afford to give them anything else.

"I was really inspired by their commitment to each other ... My parents are probably the least likely couple," she said. "I was really inspired by how they stuck it out and they wouldn't let all the crazy things going on in their lives get in the way of truly, deeply loving each other."

Love finds it's way onto other tracks, too, like "No Ring Blues." It was written for her now-husband, while he was still just a boyfriend and Taylor "felt like it was shit or get off the pot time." Obviously, he proposed.

Her interest in social issues comes up on Out Of My Mind, most notably in the first song, "Ol' Mama Dean." That one was inspired by a character on a documentary about women's correctional facilities.

Whatever the subject matter, the album finds Taylor in a more calm place than the last.

"I think in my first album, my life was more turbulent and you hear a lot more of someone who's more angsty and in a questionable place," she said. "This album is definitely pulling from different places outside of my life."

Out Of My Mind -- which Taylor recorded here in Boulder at Immersive Studios, where she once worked -- is out on May 7 and she'll be running around the country to support it. For the hometown show, she'll play the Boulder Outlook Hotel on Wednesday.