July is here! Oh cruel gods of summer, why must you move so hastily? Another month at 1190 of course means a brand new CD of the Month, along with a host of other excellent additions to our playlist in this week's rotation roundup.

Please welcome as 1190's CD of the Month for July, none other than Chicago's heartbroken garage heads Smith Westerns. Their new album Soft Will combines the pop perfectionism of their previous records with a new, more glistening sound, laden with guitar pedals and shimmering synthesizers. Soft Will, while catchy and upbeat, has a romantic twinge of melancholy to it that makes it the perfect album for a summer that's flying by all too quickly.

In more soulful news, ex-Staples Singer Mavis Staples has released her second record with production help from Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, with the new One True Vine. An album heavy on covers, with everything from Nick Lowe to Parliament, One True Vine has an undeniably tasteful sound with a warm heart at its center.

Lastly on the less feel-good side of music, Pity Sex's new album Feast of Love channels the shoegazey vibe of bands like My Bloody Valentine into something much darker and depraved. Heavy distortion and lyrics that mirror the sensual-in-a-sad-way nature of the band's name make Feast of Love a charged record to blast out of your speakers.


Other additions include:

* Recharge Melting, Recharge Melting.

* Yannash Naholo, Mission Dorado.

* Patterns EP, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

-- Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190