Boulder Valley plans to wrap up repairs from the estimated $5 million in damage caused to its schools and facilities by the September flooding by the end of winter break.

Most of the remaining repairs involve damaged playing fields and playgrounds, though both Crest View Elementary and Foothill Elementary still need some repairs inside the school. District officials also are working on securing a temporary location for students who live in the Jamestown area until the town's infrastructure is repaired and they can return to Jamestown Elementary.

"We've made tremendous progress since the flood," Boulder Valley spokesman Briggs Gamblin said. "Everyone, including parents, teachers, administrators and operations staff, came together and got the job done."

For displaced Jamestown students, the district plans to open a temporary campus the week of Oct. 28 at Glacier View Ranch.

About 15 Jamestown students have been attending class with one of the school's two teachers in the home of a student living in the Bar-K neighborhood near Jamestown. Jamestown students displaced by the floods and living in Boulder have been attending class at Boulder's Community Montessori, where they're being taught by Jamestown's other teacher.

Gamblin said that, because it's expected to take three to six months to fully restore Jamestown's access and municipal services, it makes sense to open a temporary location. The school itself wasn't damaged.

"Because we're talking months, we needed a different solution," he said.


Boulder Valley's most heavily damaged school was north Boulder's Crest View. The school was closed for 13 school days after the flooding to allow district staff members and a professional recovery crew to remove and clean or replace the majority of the walls, flooring, cabinets, shelves, ventilators, kitchen equipment and furniture. The school also required asbestos abatement.

Work that remains includes finishing the installation of new flooring and installing new cabinets and shelves, both of which are expected to be complete after Thanksgiving break, said spokeswoman Susan Cousins. The playground's drainage system also needs to be repaired, while parts of the playground need to be rebuilt.

Boulder's Foothill still needs carpet replacement, some painting and playground repairs, Cousins said.

Playground repairs also are needed at Superior's Eldorado K-8, Boulder's Flatirons Elementary and Lafayette's Ryan Elementary. And Boulder High School's playing fields still need work, which is expected to be completed by the end of the month. Students, however, will be asked to stay off some areas until the spring to allow grass to re-seed.

Altogether, professional disaster recovery crews were used at Crest View, Foothill, Community Montessori Elementary, Mesa Elementary, Platt Middle, Boulder High and Centaurus High at a cost of about $1.6 million.

Cousins said that insurance reimbursements, FEMA reimbursements and donations are expected to come close to covering the total $5 million cost for repairs.